Monday, November 11, 2013

Inspiration Monday - Cat craziness and a request

Hello friends!  Happy Monday!  Did you all have a nice weekend?  Ours was a little busier again, but not too bad.  More on that in a moment, but here is today's Inspiration Monday look from two birds - Jessica Hart.

So I have never found a trench coat that I've ever liked.  And layering is getting to be more of a challenge for me these days, so this is kind of a loose interpretation - I kind of went for the overall color scheme more than anything else!  I'm excited to be wearing a Megan Mae obi belt today - I had been thinking, there's no way I'm going to wear them again until after I have the baby, but actually, I like how it changed up the look of this sweater and kind of accentuates the bump.

 Sweater - Motherhood, consignment
Obi belt - MMD
Leggings - Simply Vera, Kohls
Boots - Target
Necklace - S&D

So yes, our weekend was a little hectic - mostly due to the cats needing to go to the vet.  It was an interesting experience bringing them both at the same time - though the vet was nice and offered us a discount for doing that.  My Pippin cat was NOT happy about being in her carrier at all and wasn't afraid to let us know.  Taylor on the other hand just kind of resigned herself to the fact that it was happening and curled up in silence.  Thankfully the vet is five minutes from our house.  Both girls seem quite healthy, though it makes me sad that Taylor is over 7 years old so she is now considered a "senior".  She has a lot of spunk and I believe will have many more good years with us yet, it's just strange to think of her that way!

After we got them home they pretty much hid from us the rest of the day, no surprise there, but at one point before we were heading out to rehearsal with our music group, we could not find Taylor anywhere.  We called for her, looked under every bed and piece of furniture and started having a panic attack when the Pants Monkey remembered he had left the front door open for just a second when bringing in some groceries.  The cats have never snuck out before, but there is a first time for everything.  So we frantically looked outside, kept on calling for her, then decided to do one more sweep of the house and thankfully found her under one cabinet we must have somehow missed.  She was just lethargic and out of it from her shots so she didn't hear us calling her and she wanted to be left alone.  Thankfully she was better yesterday! Never a dull moment sometimes.

One more thing before I go today - I am putting out a request for guest posts to be used when my son is born and the first few weeks I'm home with him - obviously blogging will be put on the back burner for me a little during that time, but I'd like to schedule some posts to keep things active around here.  So, if you're willing to submit a guest post for me, I'd love to have you!  Suggestions for topics include holiday shopping tips, holiday dressing tips, thrifty Christmas ideas, DIY, recipes, mom styling tips if you're a mom or even just a plain old OOTD post - I'm really not picky!  I'd like the posts by November 25th so I can start scheduling them.  I may reach out to some of you personally too, but I wanted to throw this out here for anyone to respond, I'd love to have each and every one of you!

Head on over to two birds for more Inspiration Monday posts!


  1. The obi belt is perfect! It is so cute the way it accentuates the bump. Glad to hear the kitties are okay too after such a traumatic trip to the vet. I would love to guest post if you need someone too :)

  2. i like the belted look! i'm glad to hear your cats are ok. our dog is 14, and i still don't think of him as old!

  3. Oh gosh, I'm glad Taylor didn't escape! Our dogs hate the vet too and it's quite the adventure when they're in the car so I understand!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. How stressful for you and the kitties! That's terrifying when you can't find one, too.

    Looking awesome in this outfit - love the obi with it! Inspired!

  5. I like that Obi belt! Very pretty it is too! Oh dear, I do dislike getting cats to the vets- that mournful meow and the claw attack when you try to get them in the basket!!!
    Oh, and sure,I'd be happy to have a go at guest-posting! I've not done it before! x

  6. Oh Bethie, this belt was worn before and it is darling in this ensemble. I remember it because it was so unique. Too bad kitty gave you a fright. That stinker. Not sure if I can do the guest posting yet. I have a deal that my daughter wants me for in early December, but give me a jingle if you need me, k? ♥ and Baby Z got to go home today!!!!!!!! So happpppy!!!!!

  7. I love how you styled that belt! Megan's obis make me so happy and I love to see them on other people. The whole outfit looks great on you.

    I'd be happy to guest post if you'd like!!

  8. I love that the belt accentuates your baby belly! :) I would love to guest post for you if you have room for me. My email is

    Jess - J's Style

  9. LURV the belt styled this way. Super chic! And I can understand the trauma of multiple cats to the vet... Glad you got it out of the way now!

  10. LOVE the obi belt!!

    Poor kitties. 7 years is senior!!?? Don't tell Spike! He's hitting 5 and is crotchety enough! I've had 20+ year old kitties. Just keep 'em well exercised and healthy and they'll be around as long as they can.


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