Friday, January 10, 2014

Flashback Friday - Ah, Nostalgia

So I'm a 30 something right?  This means I was born and went through childhood in the 80s - but I came of age in the 90s.  And this week on Facebook my other 30 something friends have been sharing the latest BuzzFeed article - 55 Things Only 90s Teenage Girls Can Understand. Go take a quick read - I'll wait.  Yes I'm making you work for this post!

Ok, are you back?  Man - let me tell you - this list takes me back!  And it's all SO true.  I adore these BuzzFeed articles, so many of them are so well written and so very true.  I am guessing it's someone around my age who writes them!  My favorites from this list?  They are as follows:

Lipsmackers and Wet and Wild Lipstick - These were THE gift to give your friends at Christmastime in middle school.  Cheap and fun and so many flavors.  I remember they used to make these huge fat Lipsmacker lip glosses and those were the ultimate.  My favorite was always strawberry.  And then the Wet and Wild - middle school dances and hot pink lipstick.  Yep, that'll make the boys come a runnin'. 

Romeo + Juliet - I had the soundtrack and I knew every song by heart.  And I will admit to wanting to kind of be Clare Danes.  Actually, I still kind of want to be Clare Danes.  She's still gorgeous!

Teen Spirit - Do they even still make that?  I remember having this in my gym locker until I realized I needed something a bit stronger.  Eventually this stuff barely touched my BO.  Yes that is gross.  Yes I just said that in a blog post.  You're re-thinking continuing to follow me as I make my blog changes this year aren't you?

Taping songs off the radio - Yep.  Did it.  That was the original "pirating" I guess!  And the mad rush to your boom box when your favorite song was starting.  I still have some of those mix tapes and even better - my car has a cassette player in it.  For fun I pop one of those cassettes in every now and then.  It's good for a laugh!

Caboodles - I had a knock off Caboodle - I loved it though, I filled it with makeup, I spilled nailpolish on it.  The darn thing was so bulky to take with you to a friend's house though.  Kind of silly when you think about it!

Baby tees and slip dresses - oh yes.  I only wish I had the pictures to prove it. 

Mall Madness and Girl Talk - Best games ever.  I've actually been on the lookout for Mall Madness at the thrift stores - I am kind of kicking myself for getting rid of mine!

Away messages on AOL - I was still using these in college.  Which doesn't seem that long ago until I realize this spring it'll be 10 years since my college graduation - so I guess it really was another time wasn't it??

So there's my trip down memory lane.  Any other 90s gals out there want to chime in on any of these?  It was such a different time!


  1. After seeing that list a couple of evenings ago, I immediately found the soundtrack to Romeo + Juliet online, and started playing it quite loudly. My sweet husband says, "What is this?" My response: "THE SOUNDTRACK TO MY LIFE!" Lol!!

  2. Oh gosh how I miss the 90s! This post really takes me back too...I can relate to almost every single thing on this list!

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  3. Oh my gosh! What a fun post and this sure did take me back! That Wet & Wild lipstick was the bomb! I had it in Pink Frost and thought I was the bees knees, lol! My husband and I were talking about taping songs off the radio the other day. Now the kids just download it from iTunes in a second and instant song. For the record, they do still make Teen Spirit, ha ha! My little one has started to need to wear deodorant already and she's only 8! Have a great weekend and I loved this post :)

  4. What a trip down memory lane! I read the list earlier this week and found myself saying "yep, yep, oh wow I remember that!"

  5. Though a few of these are perhaps specifically USA I remember a LOT of these and made me smile! X

  6. So apparently I'm only 2 years behind you and although some of those things were not familiar to me, so many were! Lip Smackers, sun in (I used it and my mom wouldn't let me touch my hair with hair dye to get it back to it's natural color after it turned orangeish!), taping songs off the radio...that was such a fun article to read through!


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