Monday, January 27, 2014

Pump it up

Hey guess what?  I'm going to talk about breastfeeding again - so walk away if you want - but let's face it, this is my life 24/7 right now!

Specifically I want to talk about pumping - as this is something I'll be doing a lot of when I go back to work next week.  I have already been pumping a bit to try and get ahead and to allow Mr. Monkey and babysitters to feed the baby too.  I was soooooo thankful that my insurance covered the cost of a double electric breast pump (if you are pregnant or will possibly become so in the next year - CALL your insurance company, you won't regret it!).  Here's the deal though - the process of pumping is well, tedious and uncomfortable.  You hook up these horns to the pump that help express your milk into a collection bottle.  It's the next best thing to an industrial cow-milking farm, I kid you not.  Then I was on those annoying baby boards - they're good for something other than mama drama I guess - and saw people talking about this system called Freemie.

I decided to look into it and I'm so glad I did - Freemie makes collection cups that are more comfortable than the horns that come with your standard pump - and you can be 100% hands free when you use it.  With the other style, you need a special bra or you're sitting there holding the darn things until you're done.  I ordered the cups that were compatible with my pump (they work with most of the major brands, just an extra hose to hook up) and I have to say, I am in love.  You can totally tell when you're wearing them, the website does make it sound like it'll be more discreet - but other than that, you can totally wear them under your regular clothes (big deal for this fashionista!) and they are so much more comfortable for pumping!  I have been able to collect more milk in one go than I had before.  Also, if the baby wakes up or something before I am done, these are far easier to quickly disconnect, the cups just stay in place without leaking or anything until I can deal with them.

There are two things I don't like - 1. the hole that has the connection for the hose is also supposed to be your "pour spout" - the milk does not come out that spout very easily at all, it'll just make a mess.  I find it's easier to just pour it out the side.  2. They're not the easiest to put together, you need some "oomph" to get them all closed up.  Also, the very first time I used them I didn't realize the hoses need to be up above your breasts and so then milk spilled out everywhere - that was my own user error though.

Anyway, I feel that even though you can tell I'm wearing the cups under my clothing, that it will make pumping at work easier, I may even be comfortable enough to do it at my desk and keep working thanks to being so hands free and there is no need to expose any part of me to get all set up, so no real need for the lactation room.  So, I think it was worth the purchase, especially when I didn't have to pay for my pump at all!

It's a lot of work breastfeeding - I can honestly say I understand why so many people go to formula and I don't judge any single one of them - but I'm glad I'm finding some ways to make it a little easier to get Oliver the best food possible for the foreseeable future anyway!

*Freemie has not paid me or is even aware of this review - these were my opinions and I link because I love*


  1. interesting....i never knew something like this existed. when i was pumping at work, everyone knew not to even come close to my office door!! =)

  2. Interesting information. I knew about manual pumps (which are very tiring to use) and I also knew about double electric pumps (from watching videos of them online), but I never heard of Freemie. There's certainly room for innovation in this area since expressing can be such a chore, especially if one needs to go to work. Despite its flaws, Freemie sounds like an improvement. Hopefully, even better products will be designed. Breastfeeding is sooo important for health and other reasons; society needs to promote it more. I'm happy to see women standing up for their right to breastfeed in public places.


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