Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ollie overload

I figured it was about time for an Oliver update!  I haven't posted any fun pictures of him in a while now.  So, here are a few of my latest favorites.

This is from a fun playdate we had last week - I adore this outfit the Pants Monkey's aunt gave us - how cute is the sweater and pants set?  My boy is styling!

This next one is after an early morning diaper change - we sometimes call him Ollie-Monster, so I love this onesie.

A different aunt of the Pants Monkey sent us this adorable hoodie from Old Navy last week - right in time for another freezing cold day, so it was a nice to have an extra layer for him.  And it's crazy cute.  I'm glad it's even a little big yet so he can wear it for awhile as I don't think winter is done anytime soon.

He is mildly cranky in this next picture but I just love the outfit.  There are rhinos on his feet and an elephant on his hoodie and it totally fits with an episode of Black Books when two of the main characters write a children's book.  While drunk.  You kind of have to see it to get it, but anyway, I had a good laugh when I realized I put this together.

This next one makes me laugh so hard - I called it "Bed Head Baby" because he woke up with his hair all over the place one morning.  It was also his bath day, so his hair hadn't been washed in a while, resulting in this.

And this last one is from today.  He was kind of cranky this morning but then settled down for a nap while I had lunch with a friend and then was still super sleepy when we got home and after he ate he snuggled in, so I took advantage.  I won't be getting too many more moments like this after this weekend.  Back to work on Monday.  So not ready.  Can't I just cuddle him forever?


  1. Bethie! He is so precious. Love him. ;) Oh man I miss the days of my little dude sleeping on my chest. He just squashes me now.

  2. Baby! I love the bedhead picture. So sweet.

  3. too cute. i bet it's so fun to pick out all those adorable little outfits. hope you enjoy the rest of your week with little ollie before heading back to work!

  4. Oh I miss the days of the baby laying on your chest. He is such a beautiful little baby!

  5. Love the pictures - he's getting so big! I always loved it when my nieces and nephews would fall asleep on my chest - Priceless.

  6. Ha! He's quite the fashion-plate. Nice outfits on the little guy. You two look so good together.

  7. He is soooooo cute! I love the bed head shot!!! he's an absolute darling!!! Oh poor you re work! God bless youx

  8. that bed head one is my absolute favorite! what a doll!


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