Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Attractive Nursing Wear

My outfits these days are pretty much based on what I can easily nurse in.  This means a lot of camis and sweaters pretty much.  I was excited to find this sweater/tank combo at Motherhood Maternity shortly before Christmas.  I think it's funny, I pretty much avoided shopping at Motherhood the entire time I was pregnant because of cost - I just didn't think it was worth it when I could find items from Motherhood at the consignment and thrift store.  But when the Pants Monkey and I went mall walking with Oliver the week after he was born I found that even the big department stores were kind of devoid of nursing wear.  In fact, most of them were devoid even of maternity wear.  So, we ventured into Motherhood and they happened to be having a good sale.

Top - Motherhood Maternity
Jeans - LOFT, consignment
Shoes - Clothes Mentor consignment

I got this top and several others thanks to a buy three, get one free deal.  My in-laws found the same sale and ended up giving me several tops for Christmas too.  The nice thing about this one is it's stylish, but very practical for nursing the babe!  I like things that are stylish while being practical!! 

Thanks for the supportive comments re: yesterday's post.  We will see how things work out, you just never know.  In the meantime, shirts like this will be great for pumping when I'm at work too!


  1. And the best part is that you can wear this even after your nursing days are over!

  2. That is a really cute top! I hope that everything works out and the cards fall right so you can spend more time with your little man!

  3. Very cute top! I'm so glad we could go out on an adventure yesterday! <3


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