Friday, February 7, 2014


I really adore how this outfit turned out.  I got the idea from Heather of Style Journey to winterize my mint jeans - and found a pin on Pinterest as well that inspired me and here is the result.  I love it!

 Sweater - "A" brand, Herbergers
Polka dot shirt - F21
Jeans - JCP brand, JCPenney
Boots - Target

I was so excited to finally get mint jeans last spring and then was only able to wear them a handful of times as I found out I was pregnant the day I bought them!  Thankfully they had some stretch in them so I was able to wear them for a couple of months before they got a little too snug.  I'm happy to wear them again now!

This was from Wednesday.  Today I'm off of work to go to Oliver's two month well child visit.  With shots. Wish us luck.  Poor baby.


  1. I love wearing mint jeans in the winter! It helps to have some spring colors on, even if it's cold and snowy out. Hope Oliver's doctor visit goes well :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. This is a great way to style those jeans for a winter look! And I have to look absolutely fantastic! I can't believe you just had Oliver two months ago. Hope his appointment went well. :)

    Jess - J's Style

  3. Gpod luck with the shots. I'm told I howled with mine!
    I like the way you've winterised the jeans! X

  4. Hi. I have been MIA in the last 3 months but I am all caught up with your blog and beautiful baby Oliver. Congratulations though late. He is adorable. Hope the 2-month shots went well.

    You look adorable in Mint, Gray & Dots and I now pinned it from you. =)


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