Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Getting creative

So the name of the game with this whole "shop my own closet" and "no shop summer" is to get creative.  I bought this dress from someone's online shop last month (mommy brain, I seriously can't remember who - it was a blogger, so if it was you - thanks! The fact that I can't remember where I got this is more proof that it was time to stop shopping!) and after getting it, thought, shoot, I can't easily nurse in this, what was I thinking?

I figured I'd just have to wait and wear it next year after Ollie is weaned - but then I had a late breaking idea as I was getting ready for work - if I added capris, I could just treat the dress like a shirt and pull it up for him.  Besides, it's kind of a short dress anyway, so the added coverage is probably a good thing for work.

Dress - Blog shop, Jacket - White House, Black Market (thrifted)
Capris - Simply Vera (Kohls), Shoes - from cousin 

It ended up working just fine that way!  I'll have to see what other things I can get creative with in my closet! In other happy news, I found a box of sandals that I thought I had gotten rid of - it was almost like having new shoes, day = made!!
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  1. What a great idea putting the capris under! It's a really cute dress and score for finding the sandals. I love it when stuff like that happens - it's brand new again then!

  2. What a pretty dress! It looks terrific with those capris. We have so many outfits in our closets just waiting for imagination to put them together.

  3. What a great shape to the dress (and it's a little short as it is, so great with the capris!). Lovely colour on you.

  4. The bird print is really cute! Yay for finding the box of sandals :)

    The Tiny Heart

  5. That is an adorable dress. Such a flattering cut!

  6. That is a cute dress. I like it with the leggings. I think it would be short without it. I hate how dresses are always a tad too short. I always say short people have it easier.


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