Monday, June 16, 2014

Inspiration Monday - We are the Millers

Hello and Happy Monday!  Did you all have a nice weekend?  We did, we went to a wedding for my cousin on Saturday and it was tons of fun.  More on that in a moment - first I am linking up with two birds for Inspiration Monday today.  We've got Hillary Scott here in a fun striped/floral dress.

My take is an exact repeat of an outfit I wore last summer.  Yep.  I have no shame.  And yes, I was pregnant last summer, but these were all regular clothes that just happened to fit me at that time!  Anyway, this is not what I wore to the wedding, this is for work unfortunately.  I didn't get pictures of my wedding outfit - oops!

Sweater - Camy Couture, T-shirt - from Lynne
Skirt - Merona (Target), Necklace - Clothes Mentor
Sandals - Joan and David (from cousin)

So speaking of the wedding - it was a good time.  It was my mom's family and her maiden name is Miller - and let me tell you, the Millers sure know how to have a good time.  Especially when there is free wine flowing. Instead of kissing when people clinked glasses, my cousin and his wife requested that people come up and sing a song about love.  A couple of groups got up and the gag started being "Well, not to outdo table number whatever, but we offer this."  So, my mom and I drug my aunt (mother of the groom) up and sang "Chapel of Love." In perfect three part harmony.  Boom.  Challenge accepted and exceeded.  Right after that a large portion of my mom's family got up and said "Hi, we're the Millers.  And we're sorry." And they sang a very off key rendition "All You Need Is Love" while the rest of us hooped and hollered like idiots. Things pretty much kept going downhill from there! Everyone said my mom and aunt and I won the contest hands down.  (I do have to give honorable mention to the groomsmen who did the "You Lost that Loving Feeling" bit from Top Gun to the bride - it was pretty funny).  Other shenanigans included photo booth mayhem and dancing to a live band that turned out to be pretty good.  We laughed a ton and I had a hard time settling in to fall asleep after we were home - but that's a sign of a pretty dang fun night.  I love my family, craziness and all!
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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time at the wedding! Cute outfit today!

  2. Sounds like it was such a fun wedding! My brother-in-law's last name is Miller too :)

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    Necklace Giveaway!

  3. That sounds so fun!!! And hey, if you like an outfit, why wouldn't you wear it again?

  4. Hahah! Your family sounds so fun, glad the wedding was a good time :) I love how you took inspiration from the stripes and flowers and split it into two different pieces. And meh, I repeat outfits all the time, when you find something you like why not wear it again?!
    Also, it WAS Pizza Luce, thank you!

  5. Oh my gosh you guys sound like such a fun family!! :) And no shame in repeating outfits in my opinion...haha! And I really like that you were able to still wear this outfit last year when you were pregnant too. My goal is to maximize outfits like that this summer for as long as possible, especially with dresses!


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