Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oliver - Six Months

Well then.  We have a six month old in the house!  My baby is halfway to his first birthday - I just can't believe it!  This last month may have been my favorite yet, we are starting to get past our sleeping issues, we have been able to enjoy spring weather (finally!) and get outside more and this little guy is really coming into his own - his personality is so sweet and he is getting so expressive!

Weight - Roughly 20 pounds - we have a doctor appointment next week and we'll get more official stats then.
Length - 27"
Nicknames - Ollie, Ollie Monster, Monkey, Pumpkin, Houdini, Magician Man, Little Man, Bub, Buddy

Sleep - Happy to say this is improving each and every day - he still has night wakings, but we're past the regression, he is doing much better.  He's also getting better at falling asleep at night and naps are also starting to come around.  Everyone is much happier!

Eating - still exclusively breast fed.  He still eats pretty regularly but is starting to go longer between feeds at times.  We're trying to eat in front of him more so he gets more interested in solid food and then we'll start baby led weaning.

Diapers - Size 3 holding strong

Clothes - Pretty much into 12 month now.  Some 9 month still fits, but we're more comfortable in 12 month sizes.  Thank goodness for second hand shops and generous hand me downs!

Mood - He is really turning into a happy little guy, the only time he gets unhappy is if his mouth is bugging him (yep, still waiting on those teeth) and when it's time for bed and even then it's not too bad.  He is loving going on adventures with mommy and daddy, I think we're going to have a fun summer!

Loves - Mommy, Daddy, his auntie, Grandma, walks in the stroller, Taylor cat (still working on Pippin), visiting the zoo, bath time, jumping in the Jumperoo, walking in his walker, standing with help, people watching, being outside, trying to grab things off the kitchen table.

Dislikes - Tummy time and trying to crawl (so frustrating), sudden loud things (takes after mommy that way) didn't like his toes for a little bit but seems used to them now, getting too hot, the sun being too bright.

Milestones/what I want to remember - My first Mother's Day, eating outside on patios, the first time he reached out to pet Taylor with purpose, watching him learn to master things like learning to sit up or push himself around in his walker, all the new baby talk he's learning.

Dear Ollie,
This month was so much fun!  We finally have been able to spend loads of time outside and you seem to really dig that, which makes mommy and daddy so happy because we love being outside too!  Every day you are discovering more and more in the world around you and I love seeing things through your eyes.  You make my heart melt when you smile at me when I come to pick you up from grandma's and I love when you reach your arms out for me.  You are definitely mama's boy - and that will never change no matter how old you are - but I will eat up every moment of you being my sweet baby right now.  


  1. I can't believe that he's 6 months old already! Glad to read all the updates for him this month! He is truly a happy baby!! Love you all!

  2. So sweet! I cannot believe he is six months! He is so cute and you guys are doing an awesome job. He seems like a really great baby!

  3. Hard to believe he's 6 months old already! Where does the time go? He is just so cute and I'm glad to hear he's sleeping better :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. He really is just adorable.. and remember to check out the Arc Thrift shops! They have sales each week on specific color tags for $1.29, and half off another color. Got to keep him looking fashionable!

  5. It's so fun reading these. Probably more fun since Ella is so similar in age (and I'm behind on reading blogs).


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