Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Air Dry

What started as a joke has now been a new approach for me with my hair.  About a week ago I was getting ready for work and drying off after my shower when I heard a noise that sounded like a "splat" and I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  To my horror, at the end of the bathroom counter was a giant bug.  The kind with eighty million legs.  And I was paralyzed.  I can't stand bugs.  And maybe you'll remember me killing a bug once when I was pregnant and saying I was going to "tough up and be the mom and start doing stuff like that"?  Well sadly, I'm no longer Superwoman now that I'm not pregnant anymore apparently!

So, I stood there and watched everywhere the bug went because I was barefoot and erhm, well just standing there in a towel pretty much.  I did not want that bug coming into contact with my bare skin!  Eventually he disappeared into a crack that led to the inside of my bathroom cabinet.  Where my blow dryer resides.  I decided, it was going to be a warm day and I have short hair anyway - I'll just throw some mousse in and let it air dry.  After Mr. Monkey was awake I told him about the bug, hoping he'd go look for it and kill it.  Yeah no, he got more fun out of torturing me about it and not going after it.  So I said "well then, I'm never going to dry my hair again then!"

Shirt - The Limited (from sis-in-law), Skirt - Thrifted
Necklace - Lia Sophia, Shoes - Xhilaration (From Lori)

Throughout the rest of that weekend I kept up with my threat - I just didn't dry my hair - and while I am pretty sure the bug is long gone now (at least I hope so) I have found I actually like letting my hair air dry.  It's so short it doesn't take long and it's been softer and spikier.  In the end, maybe that bug actually did me a favor!  I'm going to keep up with it at least through the summer!
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  1. Oh dear!!!! Poor you!! But your hair looks good!!!! I never dry mine!! Not liking the thought of bugs as I'm camping this weekend and there are always LOADS of them there!!! X

  2. Ugh. I really don't like bugs. Especially the ones with lots of legs. *shudder* I would not have dried my hair, either!

  3. What a funny anecdote. And unexpected lesson. Love your shoes, btw.

  4. I love your hair like this! But paste or a styling gel, not mousse!


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