Friday, June 20, 2014

Random Friday Stuffs

We've made it to another Friday, hurray!  It's been a trying week at times - Ollie has had a few days of teething symptoms again (seriously, teething is the devil, I just wish the darn things would poke through - we might beat my girlfriend's son's record of 17 weeks of symptoms too....) and then last night decided "I'm not going to sleep on my back anymore, nope!"  Which at this age is ok, if they can flip on to their tummy, they can flip on their back and be safe - but he hates being on his tummy!  So then he'd just get mad, but if I went in and flipped him back over, he'd just roll back onto his tummy.  Eventually he fell asleep and we just went with it.  Oy.

So in addition to my college reunion this weekend I also get to sing at a wedding tonight - yay for making some extra cash! - and we have a graduation open house on Sunday.  What happened to my summer being open and free?  I think in July we will need to take a little step back and try to not be running on all engines so much.  

I'm also working on some more changes for the blog again.  I know, I know, I just went through all of that at the beginning of the year.  You're all probably beginning to think I have issues.  It's all part of my "simplify" for the year though and kind of trying to match my blog to my new life as a mom. I considered throwing in the towel on blogging all together - but I don't want to do that.  I still enjoy it, I just need to do some more tweaking.  It might take some doing to get things to where I'd like them to be, so just bear with me.  And again, I do hope you'll stick around when all is said and done!

Shirt - Gap (thrifted), Pants - Old Navy
Bag - Jenna Lou Designs, Necklace - teething necklace from Zulily
Shoes - DSW, Watch - Charming Charlie
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  1. Sorry to hear about Oliver's trouble with those pesky teeth not coming through yet! Hopefully he will sleep better tonight! Can't wait to see what changes you are going to be making on the blog!

  2. We'll definitely stick around!! It's a lot of work, but it's also been such a great way to meet some great people!

  3. Your printed pants are so cute! Sounds like you have a busy but fun weekend ahead :) Enjoy it!

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  4. Cute outfit! I hope Oliver sleeps better soon!

  5. I like the blog's fresh look! I've been feeling that way too, I've just been afraid to make any changes (I don't want to mess anything up!). I hope you have a good weekend, even though it will be a busy one! (Oh and those pants are super cute.)

  6. I LOVE THE NEW LOOK BETHIE, LOVE IT. I noticed it right off. But then I love things more minimal and so ya I noticed. I love the bigger font of text and the headers is so dang cute! Great ensemble and teething is the worst. Anything teeth is ick, even for adults. Thanks for your encouraging words. I just may get to church this Sunday. hope hope.


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