Monday, September 1, 2014

No Shop Recap and New Challenges

Well here we are. Labor Day.  Technically the end of my no shop summer.  How'd I do?  Well I kept up my pledge, but sadly, my goal is still not quite attainable.  I have been thinking and reflecting on this all weekend and trying to figure out where I went wrong.  I think there are multiple factors.

First of all, I said my shopping ban included all clothes, accessories but also bath/body or makeup for myself.  I did cheat here.  I bought a few makeup items and also some facial products to try out in my ever suffering quest to have better skin.  Most of these things were things I didn't truly need.  And I was guilty of "I'm just buying this one small thing here or there".  Small things add up.  Fast. 

Secondly, I didn't include Oliver in my shopping ban.  He's a growing boy, so he did need some new clothes this summer.  I also bought him a few more age appropriate toys.  I tried to do it secondhand when possible, but it still added up.  Nate's theory is maybe I was channeling my energy of not shopping for myself into shopping for him, he may be right.  Either way, it didn't help my cause much!

I also have a significant car loan from purchasing my parent's car in March.  I'm so happy to have it, but I don't want to take advantage of them in any way so I'm trying to get it paid off as soon as I can.

Beyond that, the grocery trips, items for the cats and our various activities do add up.  It's hard to give everything up all together.  I learned a lot about just our daily expenses and it makes me wonder where we'd be if I hadn't given up shopping at all.

So where do I go from here?  Well, I don't have the answers yet.  Sadly I just know we are not ready for me to cut a day from my work schedule yet, I don't think we can afford to lose that day of pay.  I am continuing to count my blessings that I have the type of job I do - an understanding boss, close proximity to my parents so I can at least get my lunch hour with Oliver, I have a nice time off program.  I am going to keep working on not shopping - my closet is full to the brim and there is nothing I truly need.  That being said I am letting myself hit the thrifts later today for 50% off day but I'm going to be very discerning as to anything I choose.  I only want things that will work with other items I already have.  After today though, I'm back to no more shopping.  I have a birthday in two months and Christmas and I plan to ask for gift cards at that time. 

Helping me continue to shop my own closet and remix are three more Instagram style challenges that I'm very excited about - Style Me September, a Patterns challenge and another round of Pinned It Spinned It.  I have been enjoying these Instagram challenges - I may not hit all of them at once again, but between them they give me ideas and options and I like interpreting them my own way.

The other thing I'm going to attempt for the rest of the year is a Project "Use It Up" - I am going to try to not buy any new makeup/bath and body/hair products/etc until I use something up.  If you have seen my bathroom shelf, this could take me awhile.  It's just time.

Beyond that, Nate and I are really going to start working on a budget and figuring out how we can best still enjoy our day to day life while working towards the goal of me being able to stay home a little more.  I still believe we can make it work, just gotta keep on trucking.  I am not going to really say a whole lot more about this for the time being, but I do thank all of you for your support while I have been working on this shopping ban!  We'll see how things shake out as we keep going!
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  1. It's SOOOO hard to do a shopping challenge. I cleared out a HUGE box worth of us and still I am drowing in clothes and items- I own about 60 dresses alone (could be more!) and it is ridiculous and yet somehow, I managed to thrift a blouse the other day- WILLPOWER come back!!! It's good to think about how much you have saved by shopping less and perhaps, why not put it in a tin to add up and feel smug about?! Pray about it? I'm willing to try anything!!

    I actually don't buy many products but I always get loads as gifts which then last for years so am also trying to use up things!
    Good luck!xx

  2. I'm in the process of trying to decided when is going to be the best time to clear out my old clothes. I'm in a smaller size trousers wise but t-shirt wise the extra fabric is handy while breastfeeding. Either way if I clear out my old clothes I am going to start at the charity shop (thrift store) for replacements as needed rather than the supermarket or the stores in town. Having said that I bought myself a new top with a £5 off voucher then there was like 10% or 15% of at the till so in the end it just cost me £2.10 or something crazy like that. And then they gave me another money off voucher at the till! I like that shop!

  3. Small things really do add up fast! It's crazy to look at our credit cards sometimes and see how many small purchases add up so quickly. We've gotten better about that, but it's so easy to forget how much you're spending when it's not on a bunch of big items.

  4. Wow! That is a huge challenge! Congrats on a job well done and for bein able to see where there is still room to improve.

  5. Budgeting is frustrating. Kudos to you for trying to cut back on your spending to see if a day off is feasible. Hopefully soon you'll figure out a way to make that happen. Best of luck!!!

  6. It's really not hard to do a no shopping challenge after awhile, especially if you have a goal in mind. I like you, shop my own closet. I usually buy plain colored shorts with no designs on them and then mix them up with different bottoms, add jewelry and scarves. :)

  7. I look forward to seeing how you SUCCEED with this challenge! You'll do great:)

  8. I did the "use it up" challenge and it was THE best thing that I could have done. Because not only did I get through so many body washes but I also seemed to create a new habit for myself of using what I had first before I bought more. I know you didn't get the band head on but you did try very intentionally and I just think that's AWESOME!!! Hang in there and way to make it fun with the instagram challenges! Where do you find them? I always see photo ones.

  9. oh my gosh, I don't think I could manage that! Props to you for trying because that sounds hard!


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