Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Four Year Blog Anniversary Reflections

Four years ago today I set out to write this blog.  And it has evolved so much since that first post - but I couldn't be prouder of it or more pleased with where it has gone and what it has become today.  I never could have dreamed what would happen over the next four years when I first set up my dorky little point and shoot camera in my office to take pictures for my first "what I wore" post.  Times have definitely changed since that first post, but I have loved every second of the ride.  The friendships I've made both online and off are everything to me.  I am so lucky for some of the opportunities I've had because of this blog too.  Overall I'm thankful I have a place where my story is archived - I always say I feel like my blog is kind of an online scrapbook.  I look forward to continuing to add more pages - some days I think I've only just begun.

To those of you who have joined me on this adventure, who share in my world each day, even if those who have only just found their way here - thank you.  Thank you for encouraging me with comments, thank you for reading, thank you for being here.  I'd do this even without the supportive community I have found, but it sure helps to know there are other people out there saying "oh really? You thought that?  Me too."

Cheers to four years and so much more to come!

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