Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why I Love to Color

I've talked about it a little bit here before - I am a 33 year old adult, but I still love to color.  Nothing makes me happier than a box of Crayolas and a coloring book.  It's one of my favorite lazy activities to do on vacation.  It relaxes me and it makes me feel good.

NPR just put out this article about coloring surging in popularity among adults.  It's a great read and I think it touches on why I enjoy coloring.  It talks about how adults find it to be a peaceful, meditative activity, but that it also brings comfort because it reminds us of childhood.  It also helps with finding creativity.

Apparently there are more sophisticated "grown up" coloring books being released because of how popular it's becoming.  I'm still happy with my Disney Princess and My Little Pony books though!  I always hit up the drugstore when we get up north to see if I can find any good new coloring books - I don't know what it is about small towns, but they're a gold mine - and my 90's girls will appreciate this one, I found a Lisa Frank coloring book this year.  It is my new favorite ever!

Anyway, back to the NPR article, I really agree with the points it touched on.  I find coloring to really be a great stress reliever, I love that it's kind of a mindless activity and that it does give me a way to feel artistic when art is not something I'm terribly good at otherwise.  And there's something about the feeling of the crayon in my hand that really does connect me with my youth and there's something comforting and peaceful about that too.

Lately I really do just color when I'm on vacation, it's a memory from my childhood and going to my aunt's cabin, my mom and aunt and I would sit around as the sun went down at night and we'd color. I'm going to try to do more coloring on my downtime at home though even when I'm not on vacation, because it really is a nice relaxing activity.  One thing that will help me is I was invited to an adult coloring club - (with wine!) and while I'll only know the hostess at this event, I'm looking forward to stepping out of my shell and meeting some other coloring enthusiasts!  

Do you have an activity that you enjoy from childhood?

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