Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015

It feels like it's already been summer for months already in one way, but the true summer solstice just happened over the weekend and we still have lots of summer ahead of us!  I love that so far this summer, aside from our vacation, we have been just taking things as they come and being a bit more spontaneous.  That is pretty much the plan for the rest of the summer, but I do have a short list of things I hope to do this summer.  So maybe instead of a bucket list thing, it's a pocket list thing. (I know one friend will understand that statement!)  

-Visit at least one, possibly two pizza farms.  I've been seeing a lot about these for the last couple of years and there's a great list of suggestions on the Twin Cities Moms Blog too of farms in both MN and WI.  There are two of them we're looking at visiting, one of them even makes their own wine - sign me up!  It'll be a little drive for them, but they sound like they'll be worth it!

-Speaking of wine, visiting one of our wineries.  We didn't actually get to the winery we enjoy up near Itasca, but there are plenty of others around the area we love.  And almost all of them have dogs running around, so it's kind of a win/win trip for our family - mom and dad get wine, Ollie gets to play with a puppy!

-Try out a splash pad with Oliver.  I didn't try taking him to one last year because he wasn't even crawling yet, but this year with how much he loves water and loves to run around I have a feeling he will love a splash pad on a warm day!

- Go to the beach.  We have this man made beach I adore, the water is actually chlorinated, but there is still sand.  Again, we tried this a couple of times with Ollie last summer, but the days we tried to go were not super warm and being that he wasn't that mobile, he just didn't enjoy it.  I think this year he will love it and not just for the swimming.  I am pretty sure he is going to love the sand.

-Check out one of our local flea markets.  Nate and I got really into going to flea markets last summer.  He was on a quest for old Nintendo games and flea markets proved to be good places to look for those, but we also found a bunch of great stuff for Ollie.  They're pretty much a giant garage sale, but they're fun to wander around and "treasure" hunt.

-Hit up more taprooms.  We haven't been doing that as much, but now that it's nice out and we're finding more and more taprooms have food trucks/patios/family friendly atmospheres, that they're not bad places to go and bring Ollie with.  

-Have a date night at the new Betty Danger's Country Club.  So we have this pretty famous tiki bar here in Minneapolis called Psycho Suzi's.  It's a pretty fun place right on the Mississippi River, but they used to have this other location.  It's been sitting vacant, but the owner has now opened up a new restaurant in the old space called Betty Danger's Country Club.  Apparently the food is Tex Mex style and the highlight of the place is this giant ferris wheel that you can buy a 20 minute ride for and you get drinks and snacks to enjoy.  I would like to go there once just to do it!

-Go on more family picnics.  We discovered how much we enjoy having a picnic outside while we were in Itasca.  Ollie has a booster seat we can strap to the bench of a picnic table.  We have a lot of great parks in our area and we're getting more into biking, so I think it would be great to go biking and then have a picnic!

-Visit the Rooftop Park at the Children's Museum.  We've been going there a lot over the winter months but haven't been over there much now that it's been nice out, but I know they have a great outdoor exhibit that we should really check out, especially since we have the membership!

-Speaking of memberships, we have one for the Science Museum too and they also have an outdoor exhibit called The Big Backyard.  We've never checked that out in all the years we've had memberships there, so this year is the year I think we need to do it.

-Go on a boat ride.  Given the fact that Ollie kind of hated the boat up in Itasca this might have to be a date night activity, but I would love to do a boat ride.  Nate and I did a few boat rides together a couple of summers ago and I have been missing that.  There's something about going on a boat as the sun goes down and getting that fresh air.

-Go to the State Fair in August.  This one is pretty much a given, we haven't missed a Fair yet, so I know we'll be able to make that work!

-Check out the Lego sculptures at the Landscape Arboretum.  I have heard mixed reviews on this - some positive and some negative, but I still would like to go down and check it out.  

And of course, eating outside as much as we can, both out and at home, having bonfires when the weather holds, walking to the park, playing loads of disc golf and just soaking up as much as we can of the beautiful weather days!   I won't be disappointed if we don't hit all of these things, but they definitely give me a starting point for any day we're like "what should we do today?"  What's on your summer bucket list?
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