Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently in July

Can you believe it's July already?  How is that possible??  Anyway, it's time for my favorite link up of the month, Currently with Anne and Jenna!  Here are some of the things currently going on!

--Currently I Am--

Craving - Ice cream.  I haven't had a good old fashioned ice cream cone in ages.  We don't do a lot of sweet treats at our house these days, but maybe I'll talk Nate into a trip to one of my favorite ice cream places this weekend (Izzy's for you locals).  They even have dairy free options for my kiddo!

Grilling - Last night Nate made us a steak.  We had our grilled pizza last Friday too.  This weekend I think we'll be grilling up some hamburgers and hot dogs at my parents house for the 4th of July.  I'm hoping that there will be some good corn on the cob soon so we can grill that too!  I love grilled corn!

Listening - I have such music fatigue right now, I'm tired of the same stuff in rotation!  I've been pulling up Spotify a lot lately and streaming some different things.  I'm really digging ZZ Ward right now, she has kind of a bluesy/folky sound to her voice and I really like it. At home we've been streaming a lot of instrumental jazz in the evenings while we have dinner and that's been kind of nice too, light background music.

Planning - Even though it's months away we're actually already planning for our yearly Oktoberfest celebration.  Nate finally made a list of beers he wants to brew and a rough plan of when they need to be brewed by in order to be ready.  So we'll be doing a lot of homebrewing very soon here I think! I'm also planning a slight change in my living room at home to create more of a separate play space for Oliver and I'm really excited about my ideas.  And finally we have narrowed down three ideas for our big anniversary trip and I'm going to get in touch with my local AAA office to start getting that planned out as well.  Exciting things coming up!

Decorating - Not much of anything right now!  Though when I get into my living room re-design I'll be doing a little bit of decorating there.  I also have a bunch of things to hang up in Oliver's room that I'm hoping to just get done this weekend, so maybe that counts too?  

So there you go!  Not the most exciting Currently post ever, but that's what I'm up to right now!  Stop by Anne and Jenna's blogs to check out what other bloggers are currently up to or to add your own link!
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