Wednesday, July 22, 2015

LYBS - Shows I'm Addicted To

Welcome to "phoning it in" week on the blog.  I kid, but I have been picking posts that have been pretty mindless to write, which is nice, my brain just needs a break.  So today I'm linking up with the Let Your Blog Shine prompt of "Shows I'm addicted to."  

We actually don't watch that much TV overall, especially in the summer, but some nights it is nice to unwind with something and sometimes we just enjoy binge watching our favorites. Today I thought I'd discuss my tried and true faves, the shows I'll watch again and again and why I love them.  

Friends - So I've been a fan of Friends from the very beginning.  I was probably too young to even really be watching when it was first on the air, I think I was in 7th grade when the first season aired. But I watched anyway and while some of the jokes I appreciated much more as I watched in re-runs later, I've just always loved it.  It has the right amount of humor and heart.  There is something relatable in each character.  And I think while they were a good 15 years older than me, I could relate to them sort of coming of age from their twenties to their thirties while I was coming of age from my teens to my twenties.  I still cry when I watch the finale.  I live my life in "Friend-isms."  I'll just always love this show!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Everything about this show is so wrong it's right.  It's actually the anti-Friends in a way.  There isn't a single likable thing about any of the characters and yet, I just love the show.  The scenarios seem almost unbelievable at times.  So I just can't say why I love it and yet I can watch it again and again because while all the things I said are true, it just makes me laugh so much.  

Corner Gas - I've talked about this cute Canadian show before.  It's clean, wholesome and light hearted and we just love it so much. We own the entire series on DVD.  It takes place in a small town and has that small town charm about it.  Sometimes we just need some basic fluff.  We pretty much watch this series beginning to end about once a year.

Snuff Box - This was a British show that ran for one season only and many British seasons are only six episodes long, so there aren't many episodes of this show.  It's kind of a sketch comedy starring Matt Berry (who plays the boss on The IT Crowd if any of you have ever seen that show) and American actor Rich Fulcher.  They work as hangmen and much of the series is about the time they spend in this club where the hangmen get to relax and unwind.  Rich is kind of a doof and Matt is pretty much a jerk, but the little sketches interspersed with the main storylines are pretty funny.  And we like dark comedy so we just love this show and pretty much quote it all the time at our house. And being that it's British, it is a bit crude at times too, but we don't mind that much!  We watch this pretty much once a year too.

Black Books - Another British show that is hilarious, it takes place in a book store run by a guy that's pretty much kind of a sloppy drunk and the mis-adventures he has with his employee and female friend who runs a shop next door.  My favorite episode is when Bernard the owner and Manny, his employee, decide they're going to write a children's book because there are no good children's books and they end up getting drunk (happens a lot on this show!) and write a book called The Elephant and the Balloon.  It's just classic.

Dead Like Me - Fantastic show that was only a couple of seasons long but so well done.  I believe it was a Showtime show or maybe HBO when it first ran.  The main character is killed by a toilet seat falling from an airplane (it's another dark comedy) and she ends up becoming a grim reaper.  She becomes part of a family of grim reapers and has to deal with her life in the afterlife while still on Earth where she lived her previous life.  I don't know how else to explain this one, but it's just a great show, definitely a little bit darker, but actually has a lot of humor and heart too.

Psych - LOVE, love, love this show.  I'm not usually much for police/crime type shows, but when Nate got me into this show he hooked me by saying there were a lot of 80's references because of flashbacks and things like that and I was pretty much sold from the first episode.  Shawn the fake psychic has a lot of charm and you just can't help rooting for him.  It has some more serious moments but overall never lets itself get too dark and heavy, though there is an episode they do that recreates some famous Hitchcock moments that gets kind of intense at times.

The Muppet Show (original) - You knew this would be on my list right?  The original Muppet show was intended to be mostly for adults.  I have always loved the sort of "Saturday Night Live" feel to it. It's definitely the show I go to as a pick me up when I'm feeling down.  My favorite episode has always been the Steve Martin one. I'm beyond excited for the new Muppet show coming out this Fall, I love that they're going to be doing it in sort of that faux-documentary style similar to Parks and Rec and the Office.  There was a long extended preview released yesterday and I can say it just fueled my excitement even further if that is even possible!

There you have it.  I frequently discuss what we're currently watching and what some of our favorite shows are, but the ones I just listed are the ones I'll watch again and again until I die and would want on my iPad or something if I was on a deserted island (provided I got to have an iPad with me that is).  What are your tried and true favorite shows that you'll watch again and again?

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