Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are you a fan of delicious flavor?

I don't know why, but for some reason my outfit today reminds me of one of my favorite shows, Psych and that is where the title of this post came from.  Kind of a long story, but yeah, all the green in today's outfit makes me think a little of pineapple and there is a running gag with pineapples on that show.  If you've never watched, you're missing out.  Today is even the day it airs on USA Network - though I won't watch until tomorrow since I do not have the cable television.

So I had left my tripod at work yesterday and I was bummed because this morning I got myself ready in plenty of time to take my pictures at home.  When I realized that I have forgotten my tripod I was disappointed, but just took my time and enjoyed my breakfast more.  When I got to work I scoped out a better spot to try and take some pictures and I'm actually pretty pleased with how these turned out today - I used our old mail room and it worked out pretty well.  Back story - the entire second floor of my building is scheduled for renovation in 2012 and sits empty right now.  And because I am on the facilities team I can pretty much go wherever I want.  So, all things considered, these aren't so bad!

The only other bummer today is I messed up my neck while I was sleeping - you ever do that?  I can barely hold my head up straight right now, which I don't know if you can tell in my pictures or not.  I'll be trying to get it stretched out all day I think!

Happy Wednesday - halfway through the work week!

Shirt - Mossimo from Target
Blazer - Calvin Klein Jeans (thrifted from Unique Thrift Store)
Pants - Ann Taylor (thrifted from Clothes Mentor)
Shoes - SO from Kohls (thrifted from Clothes Mentor)
Necklace - Butterfly Boutique
Earrings - Lia Sophia

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