Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jewelry rebel

Happy hump day!  So I told you guys I'd be wearing these pants a lot.  Seems I just get them clean from the laundry and I want to wear them again!  Katy at Modly Chic has been doing a "Frequent Flyer" series - items that people wear quite often, and after only owning these pants just over a month, they have definitely become a frequent flyer for me.  You'll see them again and again this winter I'm pretty sure.  They're just so darn comfy, I love the plaid and they look nice!

So I was a rebel and chose to wear my necklace today in a way that is not necessarily recommended by Stella and Dot.  This chain is part of the "La Coco" collection and you're supposed to string it to another necklace and add a brooch and the whole nine yards like that.  But today I wanted a simple silver chain and this is the only one I got.  So I said, I don't care how "they" say you should wear this piece, I'll wear it how I want.  And I think it works!

Gray shirt - Mossimo from Target
Sweater - Decree from JcPenney (two seasons old)
Pants - No Boundaries thrifted from Unique Thrift Store
Shoes - Sonoma from Kohls
Necklace and earrings - Stella and Dot

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