Thursday, October 20, 2011

From one season to another

Last time I wore this skirt it was still quite warm out!  Today it is chilly, so tights and long sleeves it is!  This is one of the many reasons I like this skirt though, it transcends seasons!  I also think I've found my new "studio".  Something about the lighting in the old mail room is working quite well for me at the moment!  Of course, I say that now and tomorrow's pictures will probably not be that good, but you never know!  Knock on wood I guess!

My neck is better today, but it's not quite perfect yet.  I hope it continues to loosen up and get better.  I'm sure carrying a big old bag doesn't help, though I try to keep my purses not too full and heavy!

In other news, starting on Monday this week I put myself on a strict "no-buy" for the next month.  I have been kind of frivolous with my spending as of late, even with thrifting, and I want to prove to the Pants Monkey I can afford a Smartphone, so from Oct 17-Nov 17, I am not buying anything that isn't essential to daily life.  Plus my birthday is November 25th, so this just gives more gift options for people right?  You might wonder why I picked November 17th as my end date?  One of the local radio stations here is releasing an annual CD that has live performances from various artists, only so many copies are made and sold and the money goes to charity.  I get one of these CDs every year with a friend of mine.  November 17th is the day it comes out this year.  So there you go.  One month of "no buy".  It'll force me to "remix" my own wardrobe a bit, not all bad!

Pink shirt - Forever 21
Cardigan - "A" brand purchased at Herbergers several seasons back
Skirt - INC Concepts (thrifted from Clothes Mentor)
Tights - Target
Shoes - SO from Kohls
Necklace - La Coco Collection from Stella and Dot

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  1. I like the skirt with the tights. Very cute!! And good luck with the no buying; I'm sure you'll be able to stick with it!


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