Friday, October 7, 2011

Three F's

Today's outfit is brought to you by the letter "F" for "Fall" "Friday" and "Fad".  My last post for FBFF goes into detail about some of my thoughts on fads, and today, I'm wearing one of the "fads" I had previous resisted, the maxi skirt.  Also, it is a beautiful morning outside and my yard is totally dressed in pretty leaves (I'm one of those weird ones who likes my yard covered in leaves) so I took it outside today!  Much better results than my last attempts from outside.

They say it may be our last 80 degree day this year, so while it's casual Friday, I had to pull out this skirt and my favorite sandal purchase of the year for one last hurrah.  I have enjoyed this warm weather while it lasted, but I'm looking forward to the return to cooler weather or here in MN "normal weather."  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Shirt - Daytripper (thrifted from Clothes Mentor)
Skirt - Old Navy
Sandals - Target
Necklace - Stella and Dot (build your own charm necklace)
Bracelets - Stella and Dot and thrifted

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