Friday, October 21, 2011

FBFF - Halloween

Today's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday is all about Halloween and costumes - fun!  Some years I am more into Halloween than others.  At any rate, let's dive in and chat about it, shall we?

1. Do you have plans for Halloween? Yes, we are going to one of two bars that has outstanding beer selections on tap with a couple of couples that we hang out with on a regular basis, and in fact we have a "Beer Monday" tradition where we try to meet up once or twice a month or so on Mondays to have a beer and take the sting off the start of a new week.  Since Halloween falls on a Monday it felt appropriate to still meet up for a beer!  One of the couples has boxes of miscellaneous costume pieces so we might just dig through those and put a little something together!  We rarely get trick-or-treaters at our house because our neighborhood is quite elderly so I am not too disappointed for not being home that night either.

2. Where do you go for costume or makeup inspiration?  I'm pretty lame on that front, when I get an idea for a costume, I go to Google and search under images and then try to come up with something based on that!

3. What was the best costume you ever donned?  That would have to be the Rainbow Brite costume I did in 2007.  I am very proud of it because I did the entire thing myself, a pretty big deal because I usually take the cheap route or I get help with the sewing or "putting" together.  I was pretty pleased with how this one turned out.  In 2008 the Pants Monkey and I did Mario and Luigi, that one was pretty fun too and very well received, but he actually did a lot of the work on that one, including making us hats!

4. What is the most creative costume you've ever seen? Boy there have been MANY creative costumes out there.  It is tough to narrow it down.  As a fan of the Muppets I always love seeing people dressed as Muppet characters.  My sister-in-law dressed as Red Fraggle last year and she looked awesome.  Her best friend dressed as Jem (any 80's kids out there?) and she looked really cool too.  I love seeing couples come up with fun themes together, like our Mario and Luigi or even more creative than that like a hot dog and a bun.

5. No holds barred, if you could dress up as anything, what would it be? Tough choice!  I have had a lot of fun with past costumes so it's really hard for me to say what I would dress up as!  I've never done the Disney princess thing, so it might be fun to be Cinderella or Belle from Beauty and the Beast and an excuse to wear a big pretty gown.  Or I haven't done the Muppet thing before - I could do Miss Piggy or be really weird and go for like Cookie Monster or something!  Like I said though, this year will be a mismash of what we find at our friend's house!

Happy (early) Halloween!

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