Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pile it on

I decided the more stripes the better today for day 3 of Super Stripes week.  So today I chose a striped t-shirt, a striped skirt and the same striped shoes from Monday.  I didn't go totally crazy, they are all in the same color family.  

I thought I had actually gotten rid of this skirt. I was wanting to wear it on Monday with the shirt I wore for Inspiration Monday but thought, nope, I sent that one down the line last fall.  Then I opened a box of spring/summer clothes last night and there it was.  The thing is, I've had this skirt for a million years, but apparently I just can't let it go!  Considering it's a Target skirt, I'm glad it's in as good of shape as it is!  Not to insult Target, I just find a lot of stuff from there breaks down a bit more easily than others.

Another cloudy and yuck day out there.  I miss the sun!  I'm glad it's not quite as warm as it was over the weekend, I kind of like to ease into that kind of weather, not just flip a switch and go.  It's still warmer outside than it should be, but this is easier to take for now!

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Outfit rundown:
T-shirt - Maurices
Sweater - H&M, thrifted
Skirt - Target (very old)
Shoes - Rampage, DSW
Necklace - Stella and Dot


  1. A very Spring-like look! Hope you are having a good week:)

  2. That's cute!! I love the top with that skirt!

  3. Love the skirt! Glad you didn't get rid of it. Target stuff used to be a lot nicer imo. I still have a Mossimo cami that I bought in middle school, no joke. Unfortunately now their stuff can be falling apart still on the racks.

  4. you look so demure and lady like. Pastels are great on you. The floral necklace adds that little pretty touch.



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