Monday, March 12, 2012

Inspiration Monday - Let it rain?

It's Monday again.  And it's raining.  On March 12th.  It should be snowing.  I'm not complaining though, the weather this weekend was amazing and I hear it's only going to continue.  It's an early spring I guess!  Anyway, what makes a rainy Monday better?  Inspiration Monday!  Today's pick is Julianne Hough - who I know was in the new Footloose movie and even though I'm an 80's purist, I admit I'd like to see it.

Due to Daylights Savings time and the rain, I had to go with indoor pictures today.  Boo to that.  Anyway, I love her casual chic look but I chose to dress it up a bit for work today.  Also chose to skip the boots and scarf since it's quite warm outside, even with the rain.

Also having trouble with my photo editor today and could not get rid of the red eye to save my life.  I can't wait until it's lighter again in the morning so I can go back outside, but for now I'll have to make due with indoor pictures.  I do not like the whole Daylights Savings time thing, my sleep pattern will be messed up for the next week guaranteed.  I know I was awake until almost midnight last night and then I nearly slept through my alarm this morning.  Awesome. Thank goodness for coffee!

The unseasonable weather is making my shopping ban a bit more of a challenge, because I'm so tempted to go out and get new spring goodies since I could pretty much wear them now.  I'm holding strong though!  Just under a month left!  In the meantime I'll try to get creative with what I've got!  Is it springlike where you are?

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Outfit rundown:
T-shirt - Old Navy
Sweater - Aeropostale (old)
Pants - Old Navy
Shoes - Maurices
Bag - Lillian's Shoppes
Necklace - Stella and Dot
Earrings - Charming Charlie


  1. i am loving this weather...even the rain (let it wash away the dirty snow)! you look very springy today! i love the white sweater.

  2. I like that you did your own take on the outfit and wore a sweater instead! I was super depressed waking up in darkness AGAIN with daylight savings...makes for better after work pictures though, I hope! Wasn't the fog beautiful this morning???

    <3 Cambria

  3. that's such a feminine chic version. I like your soft comfy sweater. And the necklace looks really pretty! It's raining all the time here too. But I am not complaining. I like rain.


  4. I must say, waking up to darkness and rain stunk today but I will totally take it over snow...that doesn't mean I wont be crabby anyways but still! I love that sweater, so cute! Xo Lori

  5. Haha, I'm w/you on the daylight savings time - not a fan. I was also up late last night and woke up so tired and groggy today. It is spring-like in Chicago too - enjoying it while it lasts. I have a feeling it will be back to winter any minute now.

  6. Oooh, I could do with that sweater today, it looks snuggly but in a nice neutral colour!! I am wearing a similar one right now but in luminous red!!!!!!

  7. That is a cute sweater. I like cheesy dance movies, so I'll probably see the new Footloose.

  8. You look really pretty! I love that cream sweater!

  9. Love this outfit. so glad I found your blog. I'm definitely following now. I can't wait to read more. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my blog. It's all about the adventures of a small town girl taking on the LA fashion scene. xo

  10. Cute sweater! I love your interpretations from these inspired photos. The metallic bag is a great change up.


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