Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I caved and took my pictures outside this morning even though the sun wasn't quite up yet.  I just couldn't resist, it is so nice outside and is only going to get nicer!

One of my favorite things about reading other blogs is that I can gather inspiration.  I can't take credit for today's outfit.  I saw the idea on the blog Messy Jess C found here.  Her blog is adorable and she wore an outfit that I thought, hey, I can just about duplicate this! So, I gave it a go today - I think she wears this look better, but I gave it a good old fashioned try!

Unfortunately I don't have a lighter colored jacket, I think that is the one thing that would fix this look just a bit.  Just another thing to add to the list for after the shopping ban.

I am trying hard not to match my bag to my outfit as I could be really bad about that last summer when I was first blogging, I always wanted my bag to match.  So I've more or less broken the habit, except I couldn't help it today, I had a bag that ties all these colors together.  It's one I haven't even carried in close to a year as I wasn't even planning on keeping it, but today I thought, maybe I'll give it another try.  Yes it's a Coach, but let me tell you, got it for a steal.  I have never ever paid even close to full price on a Coach bag.  Yay for Ebay and thrift stores!

Halfway through the week.  Jealous of Mr. Monkey, he took tomorrow and Friday off.  He's going to have outstanding weather.  He needs the time, his job has been beyond stressful for close to a year now and as much as I'd love to be off and home with him, I know he needs some time for himself.  That doesn't mean I can't still whine a bit about being jealous though!  Happy Wednesday!

Outfit rundown:
Blue button shirt - Charter Club, Macy's
Jacket - Bill Blass, thrifted via Clothes Mentor
Skirt - Two Birds vintage via b. (a resale shop)
Necklace - Maurices
Shoes - DSW
Bag - Coach via Ebay


  1. THIS IS MY FAV!!! YOu look so classy and elegant...and that hot pink is stunning.

    <3 Cambria

  2. Good for him! It's always good to take a little time off just to relax!

    I REALLY love this look! It looks great on you and on the original :)

  3. aaah, the pink skirt that i love so much!!! soon enough we will have sunny mornings!

  4. LOVE that skirt and your blazer is just too cute!!!! I am still amazed at your morning pictures. I'm pretty sure no one would ever read my blog again if I took pictures of myself in the morning!!! Adorbs hun! Xo Lori

  5. I absolutely love that skirt on you! You look amazing in pink :) Also, your hubby couldn't have picked a better time to get a few days off! perfect weather outside!

  6. Beth-I think that the bag really adds something to this outfit. You look really cute!

  7. I like the skirt. It is way too nice outside for indoor pictures!

  8. I was going to ask if you let two birds know how you styled their vintage item! I love it!

  9. Great bag! And gorgeous skirt. You do have some awesome bags. I admit, I buy like one... and pretend it goes with everything. At least I stopped shoving everything into my pockets.

  10. I love the bright color of the skirt! I'm jealous of my husband too...he's taking a vacation day tomorrow to just hang out and watch basketball. :)


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