Friday, March 2, 2012

Squinting at the weekend

Today was one of those days that I should have laid an outfit out before I went to bed, but I didn't and I couldn't decide what to wear to save my life this morning!  It's been a long week and I was having trouble waking up today and I opened my closet and felt so uninspired.  But fortunately, I figured out something really quickly and ended up super happy with the results.  This jacket has been so versatile this winter!

The cat in the background of the above photo, if you can even see it, isn't mine.  It's our neighbor's.  I do not like this cat as it likes to sit on the ledge outside our window and torture my cats (we have strictly indoor kitties).  This cat used to run away if the Pants Monkey or myself came outside, but it's getting bolder and braver.  One day it tried to follow me into my house.  Not cool little kitty.  I feel bad for it as I don't think his owner takes very good care of it, but still.  I wish it would go hang out in someone else's yard and torture their animals instead of mine.

Got a little more snow last night, but it is super sunny out now.  It was almost too bright driving into work today.  It was also rather bright as I took my pictures, as you can see me trying not to squint!!

My poor Pants Monkey has to work this weekend, which is a rare occurrence, but it's kind of putting a damper on the weekend.  Hoping to get some quality time together on Sunday though.  In the meantime I'll fill my time with those mundane tasks that are sometimes easier to do when your other half isn't home - cleaning bathrooms, washing clothes, etc.   You wish your weekend was that exciting, admit it!

Outfit rundown:
T-shirt - Mossimo, Target
Jacket - F21
Jeans - Maurices
Necklace - jerseymaids via Etsy
Shoes - thrifted via Clothes Mentor
Bag - Lillian's Shoppes


  1. No joke Beth, we have at least 10 cats that hang out in our yard/alley/immediate vicinity. They drive me nuts!!! Mostly because they aren't people cat's and they need to be trapped and spayed/neutered...I'm looking into building a cat shelter with a "trap" so I can take them to the shelter (I'm still figuring out the details...

    Oh and I love that jacket...and please don't be offended but it totally reminds me of hogwarts, but only in the best kind of way and it looks fantastic on you!

    1. Ha! I never thought of Hogwarts before with this jacket but now that you mention it! Hilarious!

  2. Oh no! That poor kitty. It's probably so cold out there in the snow :( On a happier note though, I really like that jacket :)

  3. So glad I wasn't the only one who was reminded of Hogwarts with this jacket! It was the first thing I thought of! Love it though, and it DOES look fantastic on you!

    My weekend is going to involve a lot of cleaning, too...ugh. I hate it. I'm not domestic at all...

  4. I love that jacket!! Cute outfit, even if you threw it together this morning.

    A bright spot this weekend is our brunch date tomorrow!!

  5. Adorable jacket, it does have a preppy "school" look to it. It looks warm, which is great for a jacket. I still can't believe all that snow. I am melting right now it's so hot.

    Also lol-cat. That's how my mom acquired 2/3 of her cats. They both just let themselves in. We'd have more if she hadn't put her foot down. Although we may have more anyway since we thing the female cat finally got herself preggers. Ugh, if she is/when she isn't she so needs to be fixed, but she's the newest addition to the household.

  6. Just love this blazer so's just the most darling with that nifty crest and the darker trim.

    <3 cambria

  7. So sorry about your stalker kitty problem.
    Yes, your jacket looks great and I love that purse too.

  8. that is a great blazer, beth! and believe me, right now i am having just as an exciting weekend - taking out the recycling and trash, vacuuming, trying to straighten my room that never stays tidy. that's usually what i am doing on the weekends!

  9. awww i hate that uninspired mood. yuck. been there! love this grey blazer! xoxo

  10. What a cute blazer, and I love the color of that top! I know that "I have nothing to wear" feeling too well, I hate it when that happens!

  11. wow,...I like that jacket, so boyish cute! The crest is perfect! The kitty is funny! I got kitties lurking around all the time too.


  12. I wish my weekend was that exciting. Fighting with doctors just doesn't equate. ;) And SNOW!! I miss the snow now that I'm all the way south.

    You did very well for having that "nothing to wear" feeling (which I HATE getting - and get far too often)!

  13. Beth, I love your blazer from f21. It looks great on you. I feel bad for that cat, I have one that does that too but he is homeless. I feed him and care for him. My cats are over him now. He sits out front too and cries if I don't feed him on time. My husband complains about him but I can't let him go hungry. Is that cat fed? I am so obsessed with animals. He is probably just friendly toward other cats, although your cats don't understand. Did you talk to the owner? Maybe he could take him in at night. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo


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