Friday, March 30, 2012

FBFF - Mix it up

I'm back for Fashion Beauty Friend Friday again! It's been a long time since I've taken the time to participate, but this week's topic intrigued me. It's all about wearing clothing more than than once or not. So, without further ado, on to the questions and my thoughts!
1. Are you a one-time wearer? Only on a couple of special occasion items such as my wedding dress or a couple of bridesmaids dresses. I even managed to wear my prom dresses twice back in the day, I re-used them for the annual formal my sorority held each year.
2. Do you feel the need to purchase something new for an evening out or a special event? It depends, some years I splurge on a new outfit for Christmas or I'll sometimes use someone's wedding as an excuse to get a new dress, but I try to buy things that I think I'll use again in the future if possible.
3. Re-mixing is something a lot of bloggers are proud of being able to accomplish - are you a re-mixing pro or do you shy away from posting items frequently? Why? I LOVE to re-mix. I started my blog as a way to encourage more re-mixing of my wardrobe in fact, because I used to pretty much cycle through the same outfits week and and week out and I was getting so bored with getting dressed for work. I have no problems wearing things on my blog again and again. I just can't justify buying something for a one time use unless it is for the type of special occasions I mentioned in question one. I'm very upfront with my readers when I am wearing something that I've worn multiple times too, not that I expect anyone to point fingers. I'm just not ashamed of having "Frequent flyers" so to speak.
4. Do you have a clothing budget or are you an impulse buyer? I used to be more of an impulse buyer but I'm really working on budgeting myself better. I'm in the middle of a shopping ban actually, I had some major car repairs and I'm saving for a new laptop so I needed to curb it for a bit. When I'm able to start again I'd like to set myself a monthly limit as I've seen some other bloggers do to help keep me from going overboard. Though I do a fair amount of thrift shopping, so I don't know that I've ever been terribly out of control, but I know I can do better. We have an older house that is in need of some pretty major TLC, so that's going to be my motivation!
5. Do you find yourself bored when reading a blog in which clothing items are often remixed and appear frequently? Nope! I find it to be very inspiring when items are remixed, it gives me more ideas to remix my own wardrobe! The more mixing the better I feel!!

For thoughts on remixing from other bloggers, visit Katy at Modly Chic.


  1. I should probably go on a shopping ban too, but I feel like I need to have my basic wardrobe sorted first. I imagine that will make it easier to not shop for a period of time. Thanks for sharing your answers!

  2. Smart answers. There's a lot about girl-culture I didn't understand at first (like the idea of wearing something only once); your explanations help educate me about it. Thanks! (Do you charge tuition?)

    1. Lol. Thanks sweetie! I don't need to charge but I am happy to help anytime!!

  3. Well a wedding dress I understand :) hehe


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