Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hey guess what?  The shirt I have on today is ANOTHER shirt from my cousin!  Yeah, it's going to take awhile to share all the goodies I received, no joke.  But anyway, I decided to continue the pink vibe from earlier this week and chose this shirt for today.  One thing I love about my cousin's style - like me, she loves things with fun patterns!

Man I have been in a pants streak lately.  I won't lie, I am a wimp.  See, we were teased with that nice unseasonably warm weather a couple of weeks ago and it's cooler now and while it's still warmer than it should be, it feels colder to me and therefore I'm not risking bare legs!  At least I have some cute pants.  But I am excited to break out more skirts again!

Thinking of patterns this morning, I remembered a weird and trippy video by Weird Al that was used in a show from PBS called Square One TV that I used to watch as a kid.  I knew it was out on YouTube, so I brought it here for you all to enjoy.

Told ya it was trippy! On that note, I wish you all a wonderful day! Today is my Friday at work, but tomorrow I still plan to actually participate in FBFF for the first time in ages as the topic is very interesting.  Stay tuned for that!

Outfit rundown:
Shirt - Ann Taylor (from cousin)
Pants - Worthington (JCPenney)
Necklace - unknown from teen years
Shoes - Sonoma, Kohls
Bracelet - Butterfly Boutique
Earrings - Patina


  1. Awesome top. Detail shot next time? It's always great when someone is willing to give you hand-me-downs.

    I wish it was cool enough to wear pants here. I'm already missing my trousers.

  2. Jackpot on the hand-me-downs! Pretty blouse and I like the colors and how you paired it with the gray slacks. Nice.

  3. I'm jealous and wishing I had a same sized fashionable cousin to give me her hand me downs! :)

  4. I'm kind if tired of skirts and tights, so I've been wearing pants lately too.

  5. Cute top! I wish I had a relative to pass down clothes to me :)

    Weird Al, always a trip!


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