Thursday, June 7, 2012


I know they come and go in terms of being "in style" but I like cropped or capri pants in the summer as an alternative to a skirt - especially for the office when it's warm.  I have several pairs that are dressy/professional looking, so I wear them whether it's the popular thing to do or not! 

These particular cropped pants are a favorite of mine. I wore them in my very first outfit post almost a year ago!  Pink and gray plaid pattern - a favorite color combination and a favorite pattern!  I'm wearing my Megan Mae buttonflower as a bracelet again - and today I didn't even need the Pants Monkey's help to tie it on!

So most all of the shows that the Pants Monkey and I enjoy watching are in hiatus now for the summer.  And while we try not to just sit in front of the TV every night in the summer, there are days that we need to do that if the weather is bad or we're tired.  We've been slowly working our way through Mad Men, so we'll continue with that, but last night I decided to join the party nearly 13 years later on The Sopranos.  We own the first four seasons, but I've never sat down to watch them, so now is the time!  I know it can be a graphic show at times, but after watching Dexter and The Walking Dead I think this will practically look like a kiddie show!  What do you like to watch in the summer?

Lots of kids finishing school this week.  I wish I had a "last day" for the summer!  I should have gone into teaching!  Oh well, I have plenty of days off to use and plan to pepper them in through the summer a bit to enjoy here and there!  If any teachers are reading - enjoy your summer and relax!

Outfit rundown:
Shirt - LOFT (handed down)
Crops - NY and Co (thrifted)
Sandals - Mootsie Tootsie
Necklace - from teen years
Bracelet - Megan Mae Buttonflower/Stella and Dot ribbon


  1. Cute outfit! I like to wear crops in the summer too. Hmmmm...favorite thing to watch in the summer....usually something cheesy (previously it has been Burn Notice) though lately we have been into watching movies!

  2. I think I'm too short for capris, but you're rockin them! Summer tv isn't nearly as good, but I do enjoy the Bachelorette :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Cute outfit!

    We love "So You Think You Can Dance" - the level of talent is just stunning. I've also been saving up my episodes of "The Killing" and new "What Not to Wear" episodes are on!

  4. Can't go wrong with a Loft draped tee - pink looks terrific on you.

    Can't go wrong with a MMD button flower either!

  5. i watched a whole season of the sopranos in a weekend once (winter, cold, before kids) and had mob nightmares for about a week! but it's a good show. enjoy!

  6. I love cropped pants for summer, they are office appropriate! Love your plaid pair especially paired with that bright pink top!

    We are working our way through Mad Men too and going to start Friday Night Lights!

  7. These are a great style pants for work... lots of colour options to pair with them. I love the pink:)

  8. Pretty outfit. I've always liked pants like this.

    "The Sopranos" was addictive. I was sad when it ended. I saw James Gandolfini perform in person on Broadway in "God of Carnage" just after the series ended.

  9. Great summer work outfit. You know how I love pink :) I can't wear cropped pants because I have short legs. They just end up looking like regular pants! We are currently watching So You Think You Can Dance. I love anything to do with dancing.

  10. Usually I watch a lot of Law and Order reruns, and True Blood starts next week so I'm excited for that.

  11. Pretty top and love the color! (: xoxox

  12. Cropped pants scare me because I'm short and don't want to look shorter. But I admire people who are willing to take things on that I can't! I have 6 more days of teaching to go and then it's officially summer! I'm sure going to miss my kids, though!

  13. I love pink and grey together, one of my fave combos! I like the cropped pants on others, but I have never been able to pull them off.

  14. Pink looks so pretty on you. Bright shades really suit you. Also hooray for the MMD flower! I love it. I'm glad they've become a part of your accessorization. I love seeing people enjoy something I made so much.

  15. My husband and I have started watching Parks and Recreation because our DVR stays pretty empty this time of year. We think it's hilarious!

    I've always loved capri pants too. If anyone gives you a hard time, just tell them they're ankle length...isn't that in this year?! :)


  16. I LOVE this outfit. Those pants are ADORBS!!!

  17. Crops are such a great way to show off cute shoes too! :)


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