Thursday, June 14, 2012

Double the fun

I have two outfits to share today, because I wasn't sure if today's This or That counted for skirts or not.  It is Colored Bottoms or Printed Bottoms for today.  So I have an outfit from the weekend and my outfit for today and hope I somehow covered this challenge well. 

So this first outfit was from Saturday.  It was mega hot outside, so shorts were a must.  I love, love, LOVE these plaid shorts.  They are comfy, they go with everything and I remember that even though I bought them in an actual department store (Herbergers) I got them for an amazing deal, they were five dollars.  I don't know why I remember that, but I guess I could say I never forget a deal!  Anyway, these are my "printed bottom" look.

These next pictures are today's outfit and they posed a challenge of course because it was cloudy and threatening rain this morning so I had to go inside.  I think the pantry is no longer my favorite indoor picture spot.

I chose a colored skirt to be a "colored bottom" because I don't have any colored pants/capris for summer.  So, you get a purple skirt!  And the platform sandals I've been talking about all week!  Finally!  The Pants Monkey commented as I was leaving this morning "New shoes?"  I said no, I'd worn them once before and he said "well I didn't see them, they are cute!"  I love that he thinks my shoes are cute!  I also had a male co-worker comment on them too, that he thought they were cute.  I do find it funny when I get compliments from men!

The only problem I have with these sandals is getting the laced part to stay up.  Anyone else have shoes like these?  Any tips or suggestions?  This next picture turned out much better, even if you can't see the shoes as well.

I feel kind of like a ballerina today in a way, flowy skirt and laced sandals?  Total ballerina.  I want to twirl around the office.  I might get some odd looks though!

Outfit one:
Shorts - Herbergers (old)
Tank top - Old Navy
Headscarf - Target

Outfit two:
T-shirt - Old Navy
Skirt - Ragstock 
Sandals - Old Navy


  1. Great shoes! I love the plaid shorts too.

  2. Love that purple peasant skirt! :) Looks so comfy! :)

  3. I like the plaid shorts and the sandals. You look ready to deal with the heat!

  4. Those wedge sandals are adorable!! Unfortunately, I don't have any tips for making the laces stay up. I usually just tie them so tight that they begin to cut off my circulation! :)

    <3 Jenny

  5. The shorts look well on you and I love the sandals!

  6. Those sandals are incredible. I love them!

    I have a similar pair. To get the thingies to stay up...there are a few things you can try.

    1. Karo syrup. Just a dot on the back and it sticks to your skin. It works, but it's sticky.

    2. Double stick tape, like what you would use for taping a shirt to your skin so your boobs don't fall out.

    3. Butt paste/spray. Basically an adhesive that is non-toxic and ok to use on your skin. Famous from Toddlers and Tiaras, and I've used it before for shoes like this (and also in a pageant, but that is a different story).

    4. Velvet. Get small pieces of velvet and glue to the inside where it will be hitting your leg. The velvet won't slide against your skin or other fabrics, so it won't slip where it is crossed.

    Those are my tips...maybe one will work for you?

    1. I should add for the velvet tip...the velvet part has to be on the outside, where it would hit your skin. That smooth back of the velvet wouldn't do anything for anyone.

    2. Ooh good suggestions! I may have to try one...and I think I also need to hear your pageant story! :)

  7. Both outfits look great. I have espadrilles whose straps are hard to keep up. They start well but always eventually fall down.

  8. i had a pair of shoes like that once that i had the same issue with. i think in the end, i just got rid of them. i'm guessing that isn't an option you wanted to hear. =) it looks like taryn had a ton of suggestions, though!! (karo syrup? too funny. you would be like a pied piper of squirrels.)

  9. I wore a skirt for the challenge today too :) I think it's acceptable, right?!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  10. Great plaid shorts. I'm surprised I don't own a pair already. I think I'm going hunting for colorful/printed shorts this weekend.

    Also omgomg the skirt is very pretty, both those shoes are definitely the centerpiece of that outfit. They are super cute. No suggestions on the ties, I tend to stick with buckles when I can.

  11. You look fabulous in both looks xoxo

  12. Those sandals are definitely gorgeous! I love the blue ribbon so much. I also really like your hair scarf in the first photo-looks super great on you!

  13. I am totally loving your new shoes! How cute that your husband noticed them. It's always a thrill for me when my hubby notices something new that I'm wearing, even though it's several days or weeks later...LOL! You skirt really looks lovely on you.

  14. Love those wedge sandals! They are amazing! Not a clue how to help them stay up.:( Loving those plaid shorts too!

  15. I love love love how you tied your hair in a scarf in the first outfit, Beth! It's cute. And those ballerina sandals are super cute! I can't believe they're from Old Navy!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  16. Your shoes are very pretty and fun! Also love the plaid shorts and tank. So summery.

  17. Love those tie-up sandals! So cute. I have never owned shoes like that so I don't have any recommendations for keeping them up - how frustrating that the ribbons fall down!

    Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend.

  18. Those plaid bermudas are so cute on you, Beth! Have a great weekend!

    The Tiny Heart

  19. This "how to tie your shoes" tutorial changed my life! Now everything stays tied up properly. See if this solves your shoe tie woes.

  20. Definitely cute shoes and I like the top too! :) I've never bought ballerina tie shoes like that because I've always felt like I didn't know how to wear them. But the tips your reader gave are great!


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