Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy bloggy-versary to me

So I know I already more or less commenced the celebration yesterday of my one year blogging anniversary, but that was just the giveaway and thank yous, I had to commemorate today with an outfit post too, even though I usually take Saturdays off here.

I had planned to be sharing an outfit for our annual trek to an outdoor concert, but the weather was rainy this morning and being that Mr. Monkey was already fairly passive about this year's lineup, we chose to sell off our tickets early in the day.... and then of course the sun came back, even if it's a bit steamy now.  I'm sad to miss the event and even more sad that I disappointed friends who were still going, but I'm glad we at least got our money back.  We sat through a rainy event last year and just didn't want to do it again.  I'm glad in the end it's not raining on the people I know that are there!  Oh that ole Karma, she makes life so difficult sometimes, don't she?

I still put on a fun outfit today.  I haven't had a chance to wear this new to me vintage tank top.  And our day is looking up a bit in last minute dinner plans with some friends, so the day isn't a total flop.  I also took my money from selling off the tickets and celebrated/cheered myself up by going to a vintage shop near me I haven't been to before.  I bought two more new shirts for summer that I can't wait to share.

I had the Pants Monkey take my pictures today and he was more than happy to oblige, in fact, I had to eventually tell him he got enough!  In all my thankfulness yesterday I didn't remember to thank him, and I really should.  He is so supportive of my blogging endeavors, he takes my pictures when he can and he doesn't complain too loudly about my shopping habits.  So he deserves a big huge THANK YOU.  Love you babe. 

Thanks again to all of you for your support over the last year, I really can't say it enough.  Make sure you check out my giveaway here.   Hope you are all having wonderful weekends!

Outfit rundown:
Tank top - Band of Thrifters (Salvaged Strawberry)
Jeans - Old Navy
Sandals - Target
Necklace - Butterfly Boutique
Bracelet - Thrifted


  1. Happy Blogiversary! You are especially cute in today's outfit!

  2. Wow that tank is vintage? It's very modern and I love how it fits you. Very cool and classic summer look. Congrats on the blog-o-versary. Looks like you've got a great giveaway.

  3. Love the green striped top, and those jeans look great on you. Sorry about the rain spoiling your plans, but glad you didn't lose $$.

  4. You look gorgeous here Bethie! Really nice look altogether especially the fab top! Sad about your concert but I know how miserable it is sitting through a wet concert - I'd have done the same!

  5. Happy 1 year blogging, Beth! It's about that for me too...sometime in June...not even sure of the date.
    I love green and I love stripes so this outfit is super duper great! Cute sandals too.
    Have a nice dinner out tonight.

  6. Happy blog-aversary!! I love how you styled up that cute striped tank top!

  7. Sorry to hear about the concert but you still look pretty cute! I love the top and the summer shoes :)

  8. Happy 1 year of blogging :) What a great milestone! And that vintage top is adorable, you look great in it.

  9. Yay! Love that tank on you! So cute! Hope you had a great weekend, B! :)


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