Friday, June 22, 2012

Walking Ad

Happy Friday!  Today is summer perfection, sunny, just warm enough without being too warm, low humidity.  It's the perfect playing hooky day.  That is not to be for me though.  Oh well. I have some vacation days coming up very soon, so I can suffer through today.

Funny story, three of the items I chose to wear today all came from Maurices.  Not purchased at the same time, but they all still came from there.  So I'm practically a walking Maurices ad!  I also just recently ordered a couple of things from them because they were having an amazing summer sale.  It's definitely one of my favorite stores for nice looking yet affordable clothing, especially for work.  And they're based here in MN, so I have to admit I like that about them!

We have a few things on tap for the weekend, but should get some relax-y time tonight so that will be nice.  Might have to figure out a way to enjoy this weather somehow tonight.  Find a patio somewhere or even sit out on our own deck with a nice cold adult beverage.  Doesn't that sound nice? Yeah, I think we'll be doing that.  Any of you have big exciting weekend plans?

My anniversary giveaway closes at 5 pm CST today.  Though I don't know when I'll be doing the video blog  (with special guest!) announcing the winner -  I promise it will go up sometime this weekend, so I'll probably accept entries all the way up until I film the vlog.  So that pretty much means you can probably still enter after 5 pm today, hint hint.  Thanks so much to all of you who have entered and if you haven't yet - you can head on over here to do so. And even if you haven't entered, I still love you and appreciate all of the support I've received from so many of you!  Have a great weekend!

Outfit rundown:
Denim shirt, pants, necklace - Maurices
Cami - JCPenney
Shoes - Isaac Mizrahi for Target (old)


  1. You're so darn cute, Beth! Have a great weekend, lady!

  2. a walking ad! they should give you some free stuff!! have a great weekend. i hope it's full of fun and relaxation!

  3. Super cute outfit! I love the jeans!

  4. Nice casual outfit! I am going to relax this weekend...sitting outside with a cold adult beverage sounds perfect:)

  5. You look cute and casual, Beth! We don't have a Maurices here but I guess I could shop their website :)Please send your nice weather this way, it's ridiculously hot and humid here. Have a great weekend!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Your shoes are so cute! I've actually never heard of Maurice's, but I'll be keeping my eye out for it next time I head across the border.


  7. Happy Friday, Beth! I hope you do get to relax with an adult libation this evening! I like the color of your jeans and the stitching!

  8. Cute casual outfit! I like the blue and pink together.

    No plans for me - it's pouring rain here (welcome to June-uary!) on the wet west coast. *sigh*

  9. Hee I've never actually been to maurices or owned anything by them. We have one locally and I never see their stuff in Goodwill so maybe people really like them?

    My plans for the weekend are not a lot! Probably going to see my mom and sleeping in. Eating a bunch and posting a Sew Sunday post.

  10. Maurices has some really cute stuff! Love this outfit for a casual Friday look. The jeans are super adorable!

  11. Pretty top, great cuffed jeans, and love how the colors of your under shirt and cute sandals works so well together.


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