Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stormy and steamy

Another yucky day out there. Storming this morning, storming again later.  Yesterday was hot, today is going to be hot in between all the storms.  It's going to just be steamy and gross.  Dislike button.  I do not like this kind of weather. I can deal with some heat, but not when it gets so humid and sauna like.  Blech.  I would love to go sit in a pool all day.  

I went for uber simple today.  It might not be the most exciting outfit ever, but it's comfortable and it works.  I'm going to one of those in-home type parties at a friend's house right after work, so this will work for that too because it's not SO dressy.  And I'm comfy for hot or wet weather or whatever Mother Nature throws at me today!

And yes I realize this has mostly been a weather post.  I'm from Minnesota, it's what we do.  My goal this summer is to not always complain about the weather, but you should know right now I'm not much of a summer girl.  I always start out the summer saying I'm going to try to embrace the warm days, but in the end, I complain a lot.  So I will apologize now for any weather complaints you hear from me all summer long!  Do you like it hot or are you like me?

And in completely unrelated fashion news or even Bethie news, I just want to share that my fabulous husband the Pants Monkey has started dabbling in the world of blogging.  He is writing a blog on homebrewing beer, it's something he is extremely passionate about and I'm very impressed with what he's written so far.  He's trying to put it in layman's terms too for those who have never tried homebrewing before but may want to.  So anyway, I'm going to share his link - www.pantsmonkeybrewing.com - if you're curious, check it out.  I made his blog banner, but the rest is all him and I'm so proud of him!

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Outfit rundown:
T-shirt: Maurices
Cropped pants - Mossimo, Target (from Clothes Mentor)
Sandals - Merona, Target
Necklace and bracelet - Stella and Dot


  1. I really love the simplicity of this outfit! You look sophisticated and chic! I do love the summer but only if it's in the 80s. Once it's in the 90s, it gets really hard to stay cool if you're not in the AC. Even the beach gets too hot sometimes!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. i love summer! i don't love humidity, but i will take it any day over cold!

  3. Hope you stay cool today dear!

  4. Send some warm weather here, please!

    How nice that your hubby is trying out blogging! Mine started about a year after me (after seeing how much fun I have) and his album-review blog is still going strong.

  5. I think it's ok for you to talk about the weather. I actually find it interesting to know what is going on in other parts of the country from my fellow bloggers. It is going to get humid and 95 or so here tomorrow. Boo! I will check out your man's blog- maybe my man will brew some beers!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  6. It is hard when the weather his hot and humid. I totally get it :) fun simple outfit!

  7. You look cute in that shirt! I think I must like you in stripes because I really liked your green striped top, too!

  8. Great casual look, I like the bit of shine in the pants and sandals. I talk about the weather all the time. It's hot it's cold.. about the only days I'm really happy are the crisp cool grey autumn days where you can smell the dry leaves and wood fires on the air. I like going out around sundown and just breathing in the edge of winter on the wind.

    Congrats to your hubs for beginning blogging. I'm not a beer person, but it's always great to have something you're passionate about. Good luck to him!

  9. a good casual look is always ideal =)

  10. A very wise outfit for the situation! I love the shades! Yay for the Pantsmonkey! Another blogger whose one I read recently started a beer blog too!

  11. I share your dislike of summer weather! We're planning a trip to see family in San Francisco in August and I can't wait to escape the Ohio humidity to go to a place that I'll need layers to stay warm!

    I really like this outfit, and feel like the shirt really shows off your shape in such a flattering way. Go Beth! :)


  12. I don't care for humid weather either. I always seem to swell up when it's humid...yuck! I like your casual, ready for hot weather outfit :) Congrats on your hubby starting his own blog!

  13. You do look comfy, but you dressed up your outfit very nicely with the accessories.
    I think I complain about the weather too. haha It's past mid June and I'm sitting at this very moment in my winter pj's and heavy robe. There is just something wrong with that.

  14. I am with you, this weather is ass. I like the simple look, I have been rocking pretty much the same thing only with a skirt lately.

  15. A homebrewing blog?! So cool! I would love to try homebrewing someday...and sounds like he's got a lot of good advice to offer. And I completely agree on the weather lately...I HATE humidity so much and it's been unbearably sticky :P I'm thankful for the rain and wind though, at least it's staying cooler.

    <3 Cambria


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