Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flat Bethie

Today's This or That Trend choice was platforms or flats.  I was all set to wear some platform sandals that I have with a skirt, but then the weather today has decided to flash forward to Fall, so I decided to have a pants day and go with my tried and true all time favorite flats.  If you're a regular reader of the blog, you've seen these before.

My mom found me these a few years ago now at DSW, the tweed/herringbone type pattern totally drew her to them because she knew that I would love them.  Funny story though, while I did think they were adorbs the first time I saw them, I didn't wear them for a good two or three years on a real regular basis.  Yes, you heard me right, these shoes mostly sat in my closet not getting any love.  Why would I do that?  Because I used to think I was too short to wear flats.  I have changed my thinking on that in the last year or so and now I can't get enough of flats, especially these!

So as I said, I was cold this morning, so not only did I wear pants, I grabbed a sweater too!  It's a bit stuffy in my office though, so I can always take off the sweater if need be.  Minnesota summer is so fickle.  It will be hot again in a few days.  I'm enjoying this taste of Fall while I can, I don't really like the super hot stuff unless I can spend time in a pool or at the beach!

As I was getting ready to write about my "Flats" I couldn't help but think of "Flat Stanley".  Ever heard of that?  Or those of you with kids, have your kids had a chance to do a "Flat Stanley" project?  It's the cutest thing, I believe there is a book about him, but basically teachers have their students mail a "Flat Stanley" that they made to someone and have them take him on adventures and take pictures of it to send back to the students along with him.  My in-laws did a "Flat Stanley" for some relatives from Texas.  They took pictures of him in front of the Mall of America, the Spoonbridge and Cherry, and even just out in the snow to represent Minnesota.  It was really quite cute.

I gotta say, these flats sure are comfy!  I do like the additional height from a platform shoe, but there is something to be said for a shoe that is so comfy you think you're wearing a slipper to work!  If it's warmer tomorrow I will probably wear the platforms with tomorrow's outfit instead, so you'll still get to see them!

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Outfit rundown:
T-shirt - Maurices
Sweater - Lands End
Pants - Lee (From cousin)
Necklace and earrings - Charming Charlie
Flats - DSW


  1. I love those shoes! Flats are my favorite...I need to shop for more!

  2. I like the flats. The tweed fabric looks nice.

  3. Oh I have been living in flats this summer! I love the top, the colors are perfect for a nice, warm day!

  4. These flats are fantastic, they remind me of a tweed pair I wore into the ground (they got a hole in their sole :(). Really fun necklace too! I was just talking about Flat Stanley over the weekend, someone had him in the road race we were running!

  5. It is chilly here today too! But I am ok with it- I love layering!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  6. I love your flats - I just with I loved them on my feet - IDK why I have such a hard time buying them :( - you look great hun.

  7. my kids' flat stanley (and stanette) went to the oscars. like for real went to the oscars. we have a handmade book to prove it! it's pretty awesome!

  8. I can't believe your weather is cool! We're melting here in Florida, but I'm loving it. =) I'll take the heat over the cool weather any day!

    I love the earth tones in your outfit. And those flats are adorable!

  9. I would love to be able to wear flats but always feel I need a bit of a heel! They look great with your outfit:)

  10. Fabulous flats. I'm glad you decided to give them some love. I've gone through similar feelings with flats. I'm pretty petite, so it's hard not to have the extra boost these days. However, as evidence by your adorable flats, flats can be cute, fashionable, and comfortable.

    We've had a cool patch, with storms, so I've been taking advantage and wearing as many sleeves as I can until winter.

  11. I love those flats! I don't think I could live without flats--they're so comfortable! They look great on you too, I definitely don't think you're too short for them!

  12. The flats are great and do look comfy. I love the colors in your outfit today. I'm dressing like it's fall tomorrow for work too. haha Oranges and browns w/ suede-like top. Crazy weather.

  13. I love flats and I'm only 5' tall! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy wearing my wedges and platforms, but I also like to be comfortable. I think your flats are very nice and go perfectly with your outfit :)

  14. Flats are so great to have! I have a lot of casual ones, but a few that still feel dressier too.


  15. I used to be a heel girl, like FOREVER. Then I had to stand up all day doing lab work back in undergrad, and that's when I chose the flat. And it stuck!

    ♥ laura
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  16. CUTEST SHOES EVER. I totally want a pair!!!!!

  17. Very cute flats! Gotta love a "slipper shoe". Makes the day so much better.:)

  18. I just did a Flat Stanley project for my little cousin! I put Flat Stanley in a very Seattle-appropriate outfit: plaid shirt, jeans, and hiking boots. Then I took him hiking, kayaking, biking, tide-pooling, and seal watching! It was so fun!

  19. I'm obviously behind in my blog reader, but those flats are a WOW! I'm glad you freed them from your closet :)


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