Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday round up

So it's a very snowy morning in MN and I don't have an outfit post today, but instead thought I'd share some highlights from my week.  It was a week of all weeks but there were a few good moments.

We bought the kitties a new toy and they absolutely love it.  Surprisngly they haven't really fought over it yet either.  Taylor is using it the most, but as you see in the next picture, even Pippin kind of likes it.

When it rains it pours - this was during last weekend's storm, we lost another huge limb of a tree in our backyard.  I think the tree is sick, it just shouldn't be this weak otherwise.  I think we'll be looking at taking it down completely, which is unfortunate.  The Pants Monkey has never liked it's location, it makes mowing difficult in the backyard, not to mention, we've never been able to get grass to grow under it.  It did provide awesome shade in the summer though and a nice canopy over our firepit in the fall.  I will miss it, but it's just gotta go, it's not safe anymore.

Unfortunately other parts of our week included finding out the Pants Monkey's car needed some serious expensive repairs and other fun money type things, so again, as I said earlier this week, I think I won't be shopping much for awhile.  Life is just full of surprises sometimes and sometimes we need to make sacrifices.  I will just have fun remixing my closet in the meantime - if we ever get spring weather for me to start playing with some of that stuff again!


  1. i'm sorry you've had such a crappy week. hopefully you can have a nice beer tonight and relax and think about the good stuff!

  2. We've been losing a lot of tree limbs too, and it's getting scary. We have two large pines outside by our driveway, and they've been swaying this whole time :(

    Sorry to hear about the car troubles. Life can be crappy sometimes, but chin up! It's always fun to shop your closet :)
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  3. Sorry about all of the mishaps! I am glad that that tree is far from your home, and that you guys are all safe. Your kitties look so cute! I should go get a toy like that for mine!

  4. Oh Bethie! I sincerely wish you could have better weather. Sorry about your tree. But no love lost for the tree per your hm, huh? Hey, you have Tiffany Box blue ALL OVER YOUR site here, huh? It looks that color to me, anyway. Great job on giving us a non-outfit post! HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND ok?

  5. Oh no, poor tree and poor car! Hugs to you! x

  6. Bummer about the tree AND the car.... but thankfully it is FRIDAY!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Yup, life is full of surprises. One minute you're a cat, bored with your life, and the next you have a fun toy to play with!

  8. Kitties in a watermelon cube!! Adorable.

    So sorry about the weather. It's weird everywhere. Sorry about the tree too. Stay safe, dear.

    Maybe try some extra challenges with your current wardrobe? I know you have many awesome pieces that have endless remix possibilities.

  9. haha that is so cute, i would love it if my cat would go in one of those things!

  10. haha that is so funny, i wish my cat would go in one of those things!


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