Thursday, April 11, 2013

Remembering a sunnier day

Today is another lovely day in MN - in fact the worst of the storm is today - so I'm bringing you an outfit from a much warmer sunnier day two weeks ago instead of depressing you all with snow photos.

So remember when I said yesterday that I swear Heather from Style Journey is my style twin?  Maybe she's my muse instead - the following outfit is one I stole from her.

I wore this on my nice sunny day off a couple of weeks ago.  I met a couple of friends for sushi lunch and we ended up doing a little shopping that day as well.  It was nice enough I didn't need much more than this - I just added a light jacket.  I saw someone say yesterday that there are some people that are hating on the denim vest trend - but I say bring it on.  I loved it in the 90's, I love it now.  It just adds a little something to an outfit.

Shirt - Eddie Bauer
Vest - Mighty Swell Vintage
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - DSW
Scarf - S&D

Oh look at that nice sunshine.  It will come back again someday, I know that it will!  In the meantime, I have started digging back out some of those sweaters and boots I put away last week....sigh.


  1. I love this! Your scarf is such a pretty color. I must remember to wear my denim vest more often since this has been a favorite recent look. I agree, who cares is anyone else hates denim vests, I love them! They do take me back to the 90s. We are definitely Pinterest twinsies :) Heather

  2. Heather is my icon. Both fashion and parenting role-model. You can't do better than to emulate her. Heather's outfits are so well-constructed, using items available to everyone. Her genius is in her creative mind where she puts things together in just the right way. If there was a Queen of Fashion, her name would be Heather. :)

  3. Last summer I really wanted a denim vest and never got one. This year I should finally just buy it already! I hope when the storm moves out you get some warmer weather. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I adore the lock-and-load properties of a denim vest - I have two of them!

  5. (obviously) i love a nice denim vest!! these jeans also look fabulous on you!

  6. Oh super cute! I love the little sheen to your jeans I'm seeing-how fun. I love denim vests too-they're great in the winter, great in the summer-can't beat 'em! I hope you don't get the storm we had, I'm longing for sunshine here too!

  7. Ok love this outfit. I always love the tighter jeans/leggings look on ya, cutie. and... the scarf OMyGosh! S o o o o cool! Yes wishing you warmer days ahead. Another of my MN bloggers said they have had ICE STORMS today. wow, yippee, huh? Keep Thinking: nude sandals, nude sandals, any color sandals, any color sandals, nude or any color sandals now!

  8. CUTE! Bring on the vest! I wear mine so much, Kyle hates it! Hehe! I might have to try it with my black jeans sometime!

  9. Love that denim vest Beth:)

  10. Ohno! I'm sorry about more snow. We're being pelted with the a fore mentioned thunderstorms. This weather killed my plans today. Boohoo! Ah well, let's keep dreaming of warm weather and sandals.

  11. Sorry about the snowy weather. I hope the sun is shining soon! Great look. Heather's outfits are always fun and I really like this one that you "stole" from her :)


  12. Cute look! I love the jean vest (I need to wear mine more often) - I can't comment on this stupid weather bc I will get angry :)

    Pearls & Paws

  13. I love the jean vest trend! I think they're adorable, and it's a great layer to an outfit :)

  14. I love your blue scarf and this vest Beth! :)


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