Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Today's pick from the Pantone color challenge is African Violet.  I'm not sure what makes African Violet all that different from regular Violet, but nonetheless, here I am with a Violet/Orchid/some shade of purple tank top.  I'm really surprised this isn't a color shade I have more of in my closet, because I have always loved purples, but this is kind of it aside from a couple of wintery things.  (Side note, talking about the color Violet always makes me think of the line from Willy Wonka "Violet, you're turning violet, Violet!)

My color tastes have changed so much over the years though.  When I was a little kid and you asked me what my favorite color was, it was always pink.  Purple was a close second.  As a result, I ended up with a rather pink childhood bedroom, so when I came of age, I ended up resisting pink for a very long time.  I gravitated towards purple for a long time, in fact, my first car was purple!  Now if you asked me what my favorite color was I'd probably say anything in the orange family.  But I have a soft spot for purples.

Tank top and sweater - Arizona Jean Co, JCPenney
Pants - Sonoma, thrifted
Necklace and earrings - Lia Sophia
Sandals - Clothes Mentor

I did a couple of close ups on some newer things here.  The necklace is from Lia Sophia.  A friend was having a March of Dimes fundraiser before I put myself on a strict shopping ban and I wasn't going to buy anything, but then I saw this necklace and I loved that it has gold, silver and rose gold and it wasn't that expensive, so I caved.  And below here I also took a close up of my new sandals since you couldn't see them real well in my photos from yesterday.

Tomorrow may be tricky for the color challenge.  I wore my bright yellow skirt last week and I don't have much else that I would consider "Lemon Zest" but you just never know!  I may figure something out!  

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  1. Your cardigan is so pretty! And I love that you are doing this challenge! Seems so fun!

  2. I love purple on you! As you know - ask me my favorite color and I will say for sure anything in the orange color family!

  3. Purple is so pretty on you! I have hardly any of it in my closet which I need to fix. I had a pink bedroom when I was younger too. :)

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  4. i love purple, too, but i have found that it's a hard color to actually find in stores. maybe now it will be easier (or maybe it's because i thrift all the time)!

  5. You look very cute and spring-y today! Yay purple!

  6. I have a really soft spot for purple. It's been my favorite since I was little. What I really love is your cardigan and necklace! The colors in the cardigan are so fun and will be great for remixing

  7. I always said purple was my favorite color too-because it was my birthstone. Now I mostly wear blues or reds. This shade of violet is great on you though! A nice, spring color with such a fun striped cardi. Your hair looks great with that little band in it too. Wonderful look! :D

  8. I LOVE the original Charlie and the chocolate factory! :) And I really like purple too, but more lilac or lavender than violet or indigo. I love the clippie on your hair!
    ♥ laura
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  9. That is awesome! I love purple, but Kyle loves orange so I find myself picking up orange items here and there! I love the soft grey with this, cute look!

  10. I have a thing for green, blue, and some purple. That is MOST of my closet, except for black and grey. I feel like I should branch out. I do lurv this cardigan on you!

  11. You look so awesome in your spring colors! It's weird, I hated pink so much as a kid! Blue was the only acceptable color to my young self. Now I have a soft spot for pink and enjoy it in small doses.

  12. Yikes! I miss a day in the blogging world and I miss the start of a challenge week! Would have loved to have done this one.

    Love love love this outfit on you! The proportions and colours are great!

  13. purple was always my favorite color when i was younger, i don't even know why. nowadays my favorite color is the color i like to wear the most. thanks so much for linking up with us again today during our pantone-inspired color challenge. i'm struggling right along with you as for what yellow item to wear tomorrow!

  14. As I was digging through my closet this morning it made me realize that I don't have much purple in my wardrobe either! I can't help but think of spring between the purple and your colorful stripes. Love it!

    Jess - J's Style

  15. I grew up loving pink too, but now I love purple, too. You look great in this shade and I really like the striped cardigan. Your headband is the perfect touch! Thanks again for joining us!

  16. CUTE! I love your purple headband!! With my new shorter hair, I've been looking for fun embellished headbands to spice up my hair. This one would be perfect!!!


  17. That combo of shirt/sweater is perfect - the colors were meant to be.... and yeah - what exactly IS African violet? Whatever it is - you look lovely in it :)

    Pearls & Paws


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