Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Influenster Mary Kay Beauty VoxBox Vlog

Here is my long awaited Vlog on my new Mary Kay Vox Box from Influenster!  Ok, maybe not long awaited, but hey, I haven't vlogged in quite awhile, so you get to hear my pretty voice!  I'm excited about the products that were in this box.  I made this video last week and then tested the items the very next day.  So, here's my video review (forgive the scrub look, this was after my evening walk one day):

And then here is how my makeup looked trying out all the items from the video:

If you didn't take the the time to watch the video (and that's ok, I'll still love you) the items in the box were: lash primer, mascara, cream eye shadow, a cream eye shadow brush and lipstick.

I'm really liking everything so far - especially the mascara and primer - I'm surprised at how much I like the primer in fact!  The purple is really pretty and I can't get enough of the lipstick either.  All around thumbs up from me!  I may have to look up my old Mary Kay consultant!

Influenster and Mary Kay provided these items for test purposes free of charge.  Links are only for information purposes, I've received no other compensation other than the test products.

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  1. I love Mary Kay so much! Their primer is really nice and I love that shade of lipstick on you!


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