Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rainy day

It was raining this morning, so pictures had to happen inside.  I've had my fill of rain after this weekend I tell you.  As I mentioned yesterday, we bailed on our garage sale on Saturday due to rain.  On top of that - it was COLD.  Weirdly cold for July.  I had a sweatshirt and jeans on and was still freezing.  Today it isn't as cold, but it is rainy.  And I wouldn't necessarily call it warm!  Such an odd summer we're having.

After all the garage sale madness of Thursday through Saturday, I treated myself to a "me day" on Sunday.  I started with a haircut, it was shaggy and gross again.  It doesn't take much, but of course those darn pre-natal vitamins don't help (though they sure do not make my nails grow more!)  I'm back to my spiky pixie happy place again with my hair.  After my haircut, I meandered a bit.  I hit up World Market because they have good coffee and I needed some for home.  Then I hit up Gordmans.  I had read online that they sell Motherhood Maternity brand for cheaper.  Sure enough, they had a rather large department.  And a clearance rack.  The deals weren't as good as what I've found via consignment or at the thrift store, but I managed to find a couple of things that were decent - including this tank top.  It's actually a nursing top, but it fits my expanding bump nicely too and it's nice to know it'll be a good shirt for after the baby is born too.  I just loved the colors!

Shirt - Motherhood Maternity via Gordmans
Skirt - Hang Ten, from friend
Sweater - Mossimo, Target
Shoes - Rampage, DSW
Bag - Jenna Lou Designs
Necklace - Stella and Dot

If it was warmer I'd go without the sweater.  I'll just have to do that on another day!  Honestly though, I don't mind this cooler weather.  I have a friend who is further along than I am - she is due next month - and I know she's been miserable in the warmer weather, so I appreciate this weather for her sake if nothing else!

Thanks for all the congrats on my little man yesterday too!  A couple of you asked if I suspected I was having a boy - the answer is yes, I actually was pretty sure, so I guess my mother's intuition has kicked in a little bit!


  1. Cute top - I love it with your pink sweater. I hear you on the weather. It really has been strange to say the least this summer!

  2. The floral print top is really cute on you! The last few days it's been cool in the mornings (60s) but then it warms up to the mid 80s by the afternoon :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. It is definitely rainy today! I am going to have to pull out my rain boots! You look adorable :)

  4. This weather has been really weird for July. I miss my hot days so I can enjoy the pool without freezing!

    Great score on the tank. Double bonus that you can wear it after the baby too. I like the flower on your necklace too. Did it come like that or did you pin it on? Really cute idea!

  5. Oh Beth, it's cold here too! I actually wore a sweater when I went out this morning. BRRRR! Good to hear that you took some ME time-- we all need to, every once in a while!

  6. You have to be the savviest preggo lady ever! You keep finding all of these incredibly cute things on the cheap!

  7. I am glad yu are relaxing a bit - you need it. When are you due? And your hair looks so good.

    I really like that top & necklace. Looks great with Fuchsia. And your bump is showing awww.

  8. This top is a great find - the colour are great and you look radiant :)

  9. Great top! It's so great to have items that'll take you through pregnancy and beyond! You must be so excited about your baby boy! Hooray!

  10. " I'm back to my spiky pixie happy place " - love it!!!!! Your hair DOES make me think cute pixie! Great that you found a top that can be used before and after!x

  11. Oh Bethie! Congrats on having / will be having a BOY!!!!! In my day, we couldn't find out ahead of the actual birth (unless there was high risk issues) and both times I thought I was having a boy. Needless to say my two daughters are as different as night and day (I always say that and then I also include, "I don't know which one is day or night, tho")

    I am well enough to be commenting. Thanks for the well-wishes. I don't like to get behind on my fun blogs to visit!

  12. Is that the skirt I brought you? Either way, it fits really well! Cute :-)

  13. Cuuute! I love the colors here, that tank will be a great piece for you to layer all year long I'm sure. Ah yes, it's raining here as we speak. Sorry it rained out your garage sale! I'm definitely enjoying the cooler summer though. And YAY for a baby boy! I have two nephews whom I just adore, baby boys are such little darlings :)


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