Friday, July 5, 2013


I hope everyone here in the US had a great July 4th holiday yesterday!  I wore a pretty cute patriotic outfit yesterday, but never took the time to take pictures or blog it.  I was just too busy enjoying time with family and friends!  My parents had a picnic and we spent the entire afternoon outside eating good food, drinking lemonade and having a bocce ball tournament.  My team came in 2nd.  At least the Pants Monkey came in first, so I couldn't feel too bad about losing, lol!

So today I'm back at work.  There aren't many people here, I have hopes of leaving early, but we'll see how the day goes.  At least I'm comfy!  I know I said I was done shopping for now, but while my dad and Mr. Monkey were golfing yesterday before our picnic, my mom and I hit the Goodwill near her because everything was 50% off.  So, I got another pair of maternity jeans (finding these more comfortable than trying to wear my jeans with a belly band) and this tank top.  And I spent under $10.  Best kind of sale!

Tank top - Duo Maternity, thrifted
Shrug - Mossimo, Target (old)
Jeans - Gap Maternity, thrifted 
Necklace - S&D
Bracelet - Camy Couture

Speaking of maternity, we're 17 weeks today!  The bump is definitely getting more and more defined each day.  No movement yet, but I understand that can come anytime between now and 20 weeks, so I'm not too worried about that.

Hope you all have wonderful weekends!  Those of you lucky enough not to be working today, enjoy the day for me!


  1. i'm at work, too. but it's quiet, so i can't complain! happy 17!!!! have a great weekend.

  2. Sounds like you had such a fun 4th! I'm at work today too...seems like not many people are working today since the highway was pretty empty on my commute in. Have a great weekend, Beth!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. I am stuck at work too! boo! You do look cute, what great finds! It sounds like your holiday was amazing :)

  4. Very great thrift shopping deals! That is a cute outfit and looks very comfy :-) I'm glad we got to hang out a bit last night!

  5. Oh congrats on the 17th week! Yay! That top is so cute on you and great chance at getting in on the 50% OFF! I am still celebrating what I found. All next weeks post will be about those sale items I snatched up!!! Nice weekend to you and I hope you got to leave early!

  6. Your 4th of July was a Fun Day. You looked Great. Purple looks Awesome on you. That Style of Shirt you are wearing is great for a growing belly. 4 months already into the Pregnancy - time flies.

    And wow Good Shopping Finds!

    Have a Great Weekend Bethie, Ada. =)

  7. You look so cute. And so does little baby bump.
    Have a nice weekend, Beth.

  8. I'm still waiting for my bump to be more pronounced. After I eat, I'm bigger.

    I notice the pictures from the front you don't even look pregnant.

  9. I feel like I ate so much this weekend that I could use a pair of maternity jeans too. :) Love this outfit though - such a great find. I hope you're feeling as great as you look!

    Jess - J's Style


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