Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thread Up

Finally I'm writing my post about Thread Up - only two weeks after my order arrived and I said I'd write a post telling you all about it!  Anyway, one of my fellow MN bloggers, Lindsey from Like It or Lurv It, was talking about Thread Up in a post of hers and how awesome she thought it was and I told her I'd have to check it out, and then she told me "by the way, they have maternity" and I'm like "sold!" It's been hard to find cheap maternity items at the consignment and thrift stores as you've heard me lament a million times already.

So anyway, Thread Up is an online consignment store.  And it's pretty slick.  They have women's, juniors, boys and girls, infant and maternity clothing.  Selling to them is really quite easy too - I'll get to that in a minute though, let's first talk about my purchases.  

I have been saying over and over I'm going to stop buying maternity stuff, but who are we kidding?  I can't wear the same thing every day!  When I find a deal, I strike.  I found this Japanese Weekend maternity dress (never heard of the brand but we looked it up online - it's spendy stuff) for about $4.00.  And I'm in love with it!  It fits my bump, looks stylish and trendy and really not like a maternity dress at all.  The colors are fun and I can extend it into fall with a sweater and tights.

I also found the shirt I wore here.  I can't remember how much the shirt was.  What I do know is they offered a discount to first time buyers - so by the time I was done I was more or less paying for shipping.  It took about a week for my order to show up, so it was a little slow, but I wasn't in a huge hurry.  I laughed every time I checked the tracking on it - it seemed to touch down several places across the country on the way to me!  At any rate it showed up in a nice package, everything was clean and in great shape.  I'm pleased!

Dress - JW Maternity, thrifted
Sweater - Tribal, from cousin
Bag - Jenna Lou Designs
Necklace and bracelets - S&D
Sandals - Italian Shoe Maker 

So then I decided after my purchasing went so well that maybe I'd try to sell a few items.  It's quite simple.  You request a bag, they send it to you, you fill it up with your items and send back to them.  They keep everything - but will only pay you for what they want.  They pretty much want the higher end brands - think Ann Taylor, LOFT, Banana Republic, etc.  So far I have filled up a bag, I have yet to see how the stuff sells.

You can request for them to send back the items you don't want, but I figured, I'm going to just send it all and I don't really care what they do or don't want to sell.  I hope to make a little money, we'll see how it goes!

So overall, I think it's a pretty great online deal - especially if you don't have good consignment shops near you. I'm lucky to have great consignment and thrift shopping near me, but this is another good option too!  Check it out, you might be surprised by what you find!

As always I link because I love, I am receiving no commission from this review of Thread Up.


  1. That is really an adorable dress!! I love it! I might have to check this place out if they sell women's sizes :)

  2. I love this dress on you! Whether it's maternity or not, it's really cute. This is a cool concept for an online consignment too. It's nice to hear an honest review since anything like this online makes me nervous.

  3. Very cool! I have heard of ThreadUp but haven't shopped there yet!

  4. That dress is soo cute on you! I'm going to check them out. Please let us know how the stuff you sent them sells, I'm curious to know!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. That dress is adorable! Love to hear how the selling process works. Hmm... and I'll have to see if they deal with Canada!

  6. Very pretty. And a woman wouldn't be a woman if she was satisfied with only one maternity dress. Get a bunch!

  7. Japanese Weekend is an excellent brand that makes things here in the USA. It is AWESOME that you got that dress for only $4. It's the perfect length on you and is a great print! Win!

  8. What a cute dress! Could you wear it after the baby comes too? Sounds like a great website.

  9. Very cute dress! I'd have no idea how to dress for maternity, but I think you're doing a good job! Goodluck consigning.


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