Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So I'm going to brag.  I totally love how this outfit turned out today.  Creativity knows no bounds with my wardrobe these days!  I love the shade of blue that this shirt is, but I was a little worried I wouldn't have enough in my closet to put with it - after a quick check this morning I already have two other outfit ideas in addition to this one.  

The countdown to vacation continues.  This dress (worn as skirt) always makes me think of a tropical destination.  I could see wearing it on a beach on some tropical island.  No tropical getaways in my future though.  That's ok though, I love my MN Northwoods and am more of a beer girl than a drink with an umbrella in it girl (even if I can't have them right now), so it all works out.  I can just pretend for a day when I wear this dress that I'm really off to some enchanted island!

Dress as skirt - vintage, Salvaged Strawberry 
Shirt - Old Navy Maternity, thrifted
Necklace - Charming Charlie
Sandals - Merona, Target (old)

Speaking of this dress, I found it last year at one of Amanda of Salvaged Strawberry's awesome pop up sales.  If you're local, she and her thrifty partner in crime Ashley are having a Tandem Vintage clearance pop up sale at Glam Doll Donuts this Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 5.  I don't leave town until Sunday, so I'm totally heading over there Saturday afternoon cause she's even got vintage for kids!  Although I guess it would help if I knew just what type of child we're actually growing here.  Oh well, two more weeks and we'll have that answer!


  1. This is so pretty! Love the bright blue color on you! AND YAY! do enter the giveaway! I hope you win!

  2. This is a great top and color on you. Anything floral or tropical always reminds me of the beach too!

  3. Cute!! I hope you are having a good day!!

  4. You should totally brag! That is an excellent outfit today - super cute!

  5. Love love love this dress on you! And, you can pick out any baby clothes you want on the house, mama. Just a small, early congrats gift! :) Can't wait to see you (and the bump) and give you a hug! xoxo

  6. That bright blue is so pretty on you! The print definitely reminds me of the tropics too :)

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Love this outfit! So summery and fun. ;)

  8. i love the color on your shirt!! it's so summery and pretty!

  9. Tropical prints are one of my favorite patterns too, and I'm ALWAYS dreaming about going on vacation. :)


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