Tuesday, August 27, 2013


We've been under an excessive heat warning here in Minnesota the last couple of days.  Kind of rare to have a heat wave this bad this late into August.  The joke is that it always heats up for our State Fair - but not usually THIS extreme.  Some of our schools started back this week and some will start back after Labor Day next week.  I feel for the kids who went back this week - many of our schools do not have air conditioning because we don't go year round.  I can only imagine how awful that is!

As for me, I am keeping the lights down low in my office, drinking lots of ice water and rocking out my sundresses.  This one is one of my favorites.  I don't know how many years I've had it now.  It's been featured on the blog many a time.  Thankfully it fits over the bump like many of my sundresses do.  The pattern and colors are so versatile, it seriously goes with everything.  Sadly when I went to iron it though I noticed some fraying and a small tear along the back edge - so I think it may end up retired sooner rather than later, we'll see.

Dress - Ragstock, old
Cami - from cousin
Sweater - Old Navy
Necklace - Charming Charlie
Bracelets - S&D
Sandals - Italian Shoe Maker, from cousin 

My hair feels like a hot mess these days too.  I haven't been drying it, it's just too hot to do that.  I feel like I need another trim, but I'm trying to stretch it out to five weeks now instead of four.  Hard to do with a pixie, but I'm trying!  I may give in though before the week is over - especially if this weather continues.  Gross.  I definitely do not want to rush the season too much - but I'm pretty much ready for Fall I think!!


  1. Bummer about the dress because it's really cute! I saw on the news that some of the kids are getting released early from school in parts of the country because of no A/C. Stay cool today!

  2. That is a really cute dress! Maybe your mom can work her magic and fix the dress so you don't have to retire it. Stay cool (which I know is easier said than done)!

  3. Haha, I guess it is just making up for all the abnormal weather we had at the beginning of the month :-p Love this dress!

  4. Pretty sundress! Oh man, I heard about the heat wave on NPR this morning, it is nasty here too! I hear you on the pixie too, I am starting to look like a Beatle. At least letting it air-dry is good for it.

  5. Yikes, I hope it goes back to normal temps for you guys soon! Do you think the dress can be fixed by sewing it?

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  6. I hope it cools off for you soon, hon!

    Put a new edging on the dress - it's far too awesome not to keep, and that would be an inexpensive fix.

  7. I'm with Sheila -- make it work so you can keep it!
    Keep on keeping cool! IT's one of those weeks where I'm glad to be at work simply for the air conditioning. We keep our blinds drawn during the day, since I see no point in using A/C in an empty apartment, but I hate getting off the hot stuffy bus, walking through the thick, humid air, and the getting into the oven that is our apartment. It cools down quickly (thank the lord we don't live in a giant place!) but it's still just so draining being warm all day!

  8. Gorgeous dress, Bethie - i am with Sheila, get it fixed! A tailor could do that if you were busy? Xx

  9. That is such a fun dress! I hope you can revive it with some TLC. I'm so glad for my office AC today!

  10. That is so great that you can wear your sundresses while being pregnant, that is so cool! This one is particularly great! Too bad it is on it's last threads...... :o I'm glad we are both drinking lots of water, but especially you! (for baby boy)

  11. Ugh this heat is KILLING me. My restaurant has a very old air conditioning system and today it was 83 inside. That's just not right!

    You look awesome, btw. Love that dress on you!

  12. Hope it cools down a bit for you Beth! Lovely sundress you are wearing:)

  13. Aww! I agree with Sheila, keep rocking that dress. It's so amazing and colorful. Sorry about the heat wave, that can't be comfortable! I'm really grateful that we do have air conditioning almost everywhere.

  14. Cute dress! I can definitely feel you on the heat thing, we are being killed over here too!



    Southern (California) Belle

  15. That dress is so cute, but too bad about the tear.

  16. Heat is so debilitating. Hang in there.

  17. I love Paisley and I have liked seeing this Paisley Dress on you several times. I am glad that your Sundresses & Summer Dresses fit over the bump. Gladly, all last Summer when I was Pregnant, all of my Dresses fit too and that was a relief since it was a super hot Summer so I totally feel you.

    And I agree about not blow-drying your hair, especially when it is hot out. I do the same thing. I, in general dislike blow-drying my hair and all that heat isn't good for it after all.

    Happy Hump Day Bethie & Baby!!

    Ada. =)


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