Thursday, August 22, 2013

Put a belt on it

I'm excited about how my outfit turned out today.  It's even a bit of a happy accident.  I was going to try to pull together an outfit from one of my Pinterest boards for Heather of Style Journey's Pinned it and Did It Linkup - but nothing I wanted to wear was clean.  So, I was a little bummed and a little lost as to what to wear today.  Then I remembered that I've been wanting to try a belted look.  I've been studying the now defunct Academichic blog thanks to a suggestion from Cara and one of the girls wore a lot of belted looks with her pregnancy - and looked great in all of them.  So, I decided it was time to give it a try.

I LOVE it.  I can't believe how much more put together I feel.  It's a great way to add some definition too, it accents the bump but shows I still have curves as well.  This particular shirt I've been avoiding.  I bought it early on in my pregnancy at Kohls and in the end felt like it fit like a mumu - which of course leads to frumpy feelings.  Adding this belt however totally transformed it.

So expect to see more belted looks from me!  I've been back into kind of a rut feeling with my outfits again, so I'm excited to give some new ideas a try!  And yes....that's a new purse.  My 31 Gifts consultant - who happens to be a very good friend - had a mystery hostess party online and I picked up this Suite Skirt purse for a good deal.  Sadly I didn't win the mystery hostess credits, but I still like this new purse.  It's bigger than their old skirt purse if you're familiar with that concept.  What's neat is you can change the skirt on the outside instead of changing to a whole new purse.  This concept may be useful for me after my baby boy is here - I'll be toting a diaper bag of course, but I may not want to be switching purses all the time, so instead I can just change out the skirt on this one and keep my things separate from his.

Shirt - Kohls
Skirt - Tandem Vintage
Necklace - DIY by me
Sandals - Italian Shoe Maker, from cousin
Bracelets - Target and Bead for Life
Purse - Suite Skirt from 31 Gift

Again, I just overall love this outfit today and when you think you look good, you feel good too right?  And it's my Friday, so why wouldn't I want to look and feel good on my Friday?  Tomorrow we're off to the MN State Fair.  I can't wait.  I can already smell the corn dogs and mini donuts!!  If I don't get to posting tomorrow - have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Very bright and sunny outfit! Love! :)

  2. This turned out great with the belt! Don't you just love outfits that make you feel great?
    Thanks for linking up today. The link party starts at 10:00 EST!

    Have fun at the fair tomorrow!

  3. You look so cute and I LOVE the belt above the baby bump!

  4. So glad you tried belting! All week (when I was supposed to be taking a vacation from everything, even blog reading... I'm a bad vacationer!) I kept silently chanting: "Belt it! Belt it!") whenever I saw you had an unread post! Curvy women are sexy, and a baby bump is another sexy curve so way to go showing it off!
    Have fun at the fair! (Now I best run off before Scott wakes up and finds me blogging again!)

  5. This so cute - what a great idea! You look lovely, Beth.

  6. YES!!! I think 90% of the time a belt only makes it better. xo

  7. I have a really cute outfit planned for a post next week with a thin lime green belt. Yay! So you are due in early December? right? When I was expecting we just said months. Now this younger generation goes by weeks. So you have 16 weeks remaining, right? I can't keep up.

  8. I am all about Belts. I find skinny belts like this even more versatile. I wear belts all the time but I wore lots of skinny ones just the way you did here, last Summer when I was pregnant. You look ADORABLE. I love the Blouse. And that's another cute midi skirt. Loving the pattern-mixing. Both Floral Prints are so pretty & the colors work out great together.

    I am glad I was able to catch up on your blog and give you some well-deserved love.

    Hope your pregnancy is going well. Ada. =)

  9. Oh my gosh, you look like and adorable ray of sunshine! Lurv the belt!

  10. I used to love the academichic blog! Belts definitely helped me not feel shapeless! That yellow top is so fun!

  11. Yellow is such a cheery color and it looks great on you! The belt definitely adds a little something extra to the outfit. Have a wonderful time at the fair!

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  12. Before I started blogging, I had 1 belt and now I have TONS! because you're right-- they totally make an outfit look so much more together! Have a lovely weekend, Beth!

  13. belts somehow make everything look more polished!! i love your bright colors together!!

  14. I LOVE the belt! I was wondering if you were going to try that! I think that the belts give the bump such a little spotlight you know? Awesome new purse too!

  15. Yes Bethie and my district is late. All of the other districts that my family is in started last week. It is cool here today and fall in definitely not far away. I love Springtime. I'm mediocre about the Autumn. I'll keep my smile on, tho.

  16. Wow, Bethie you look smokin'! Gorgeous. The belting is a great idea. I really miss theAcademichic girls. I'd love to know what they were up to now. Along withSheila, Megan and Megan and Lynne, they inspired me to start a blog. Their colour tutorials were out of this world. And travel capsules... Xx

  17. A belt can make all the difference, and it really is amazing how much better of a day you can have when you're wearing an outfit your really love. Hope you're having fun this weekend! I haven't been to the fair in years, but that makes me want to go and make a dinner out of fries with vinegar and fried oreos. :)

    Jess - J's Style


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