Friday, August 30, 2013

Zig zag

TGIF and cheers to a long weekend here in the US!  This will likely be my last long weekend before the baby comes - eek - so I hope to make the most of it.  Going to be a wee bit crazy at our house though as the Pants Monkey and my dad are going to be installing our front window with the help of some other family and friends.  If all goes well, they should get it all done tomorrow and we'll be able to enjoy the rest of our weekend, but we're prepared for every possible scenario just in case.  At any rate, the windows behind me in the pictures today should look different come Monday!

I am in love with this top.  I ventured out to a maternity/baby consignment shop that is about 25 minutes from my house and found this shirt.  I would wear it even if I wasn't pregnant - seriously, all my favorite colors, super fun pattern - it's fantastic!  I found a few other fall/winter items that should take me a little way in the next few months.  It was nice to shop a consignment store that pretty much only has maternity clothes and some baby clothes.  The prices were reasonable too!

Shirt - QT Maternity, consignment 
Capris - Simply Vera, Kohls
Necklace - Stella and Dot
Sandals - Merona, Target

The above picture I had to laugh, we almost had a Pants Monkey photo bomb and then he waited an extra second.  And below is our 25 week bump shot.  Well a couple of days early, I actually wore this outfit on Wednesday.  Today is the official 25 week mark.  I can definitely feel I'm getting bigger.

I need to start really curbing my shopping, but I think this weekend will be kind of one last hurrah, there are so many sales - including at the thrift stores on Monday - that I'm hoping to round out my maternity wardrobe a bit to get through the home stretch.  And then hopefully be done shopping.  Again though, I say that now and in the coming weeks that may change, I guess you never know.  I'll try my best though!

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. What a cute top! I love the colorful tribal print! I hope the installation of the window goes well and you have a wonderful long weekend. I may just do some shopping this weekend too :)

    The Tiny Heart
    So Kate Giveaway!

  2. I love that top! You are looking so cute and your bump is adorable! Hope the window installation goes well.

  3. that is a really cute blouse! i will definitely be doing some thrifting on monday too despite having already spent a lot of money this week. labor day sales are just too good to avoid!

  4. That's an adorable top! I love that you're still thrifting/shopping second-hand.

  5. It sounds like you guys are incredibly prepared! Fifteen-ish weeks to go is still a long time in my book! Cute pink pants! Have a good long weekend!

  6. I love this! From the front you don't look pregnant, it looks like a flowy top! You could totally belt this later, or tuck it in, or just wear it how it is, very cute! Good luck on the windows! I hope you get to chill a bit this weekend :D

  7. Have a lovely weekend will be great to get the new window done!

  8. You look fantastic! This top is gorgeous. Have a great weekend, and good luck with the window!

  9. What a beautiful top! I'd wear it with or without a baby in my belly.

  10. Aww happy 25th week, Beth! Love how well you've been utilizing your regular clothes with pregnancy and I'l love to see how you continue rocking everything post-baby.

  11. I am obsessed with everything about this outfit! It's so freaking cute!!!! And 25 weeks already?! That's cray town. I can't wait to see you in less than 2 weeks friend!

  12. You look so cute! Take out, movie night, and the farmers market sounds pretty perfect to me :)
    Have a great day!
    xo Hannah

  13. Oh I love this top! Wear this more often, k?


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