Monday, August 26, 2013

Inspiration Monday - Rockin weekend

Good morning bloggy peeps! Did you all have a nice weekend? I did, went by way too fast once again.  Friday we were off for the Fair as I mentioned last week.  We had a great time - definitely ate a ton!  The rest of the weekend was good too - more on that in a moment, but first, here is today's Inspiration Monday - Selena Gomez.

This mama isn't doing any mid-drift baring shirts these days, but I still managed to semi re-create this inspiration for a girls karaoke night on Saturday with none other than our Inspiration Monday hosts - the lovely Megan and Nora of two birds!

It was fun, a couple of other gals I've been lucky to meet through blogging - Kimi and Erin, came out for the fun too along with a couple of other gals the birds know. And let me tell you - those ladies know how to rock it and have a good time!

Dress as skirt - American Eagle (old)
Shirt - Motherhood Maternity (thrifted)
Vest - Vintage Lee, Mighty Swell Vintage
Jewelry - Stella and Dot
Shoes - Target

Kimi was nice enough to take some pictures for me before we left Megan's house - can I just say her house is seriously the most adorably decorated house ever?  I absolutely love this wall up above here!

And yes...this happened -

I was joking that I usually need a little more liquid courage to get up and do karaoke, but they all were having so much fun that I just gave it a go.  Sang a little Sarah McLachlan and also some Walking on Sunshine.  Not my standard fare - hard to sing pop when you're not used to it, but it was still pretty fun, I will admit that.   The others are definitely better at it than I am - I'll have to practice a bit more for next time!

And finally, you have to see this adorable gift that Megan and Nora gave me for the baby.  I laughed so hard and when he saw it, so did the Pants Monkey.

A Diaper Monkey onesie in honor of his Pants Monkey daddy.  Too funny and too cute!  It was so sweet of them to do that - thanks again ladies!

The rest of the weekend I pretty much laid low, it got very hot on Sunday.  I am so glad we went to the Fair when we did - this whole week is going to be miserable!

For more Inspiration Monday outfits, check out two birds over here.


  1. Cute outfit! Glad you had fun on Saturday. That onesie is so cute!!!

  2. So fun! I love karaoke and how fun to go out with the two birds ladies! I bet they are a hoot. We did karaoke Saturday night too but in the confines of our own home, ha ha!

    I like your take on the inspiration look. We must have been on the same wavelength. Dress and leopard shoes!

  3. How fun that you went out with Nora and Megan! You are much braver than me for singing karaoke :) That diaper monkey onsie is hilarious!

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  4. Aww that is an adorable onesie and karaoke sounds like so much fun :) you look so cute singing!

  5. Adorable onesie and you look so cute doing karaoke! :-) I'm still jealous of your vest.

  6. I'm glad you had such a good weekend! That onesie is adorable!!

  7. we're not better than you, we were just more drunk!!! you did a great job, and were such a trooper to hang with us as long as you did!! next time, you will be able to drink a few with us!! it was so fun, thanks for coming!!

  8. also, thanks for the kind words about my's sweet to hear things like that!

  9. I ADORE karaoke! It's been too long since I went! :) Glad you gave it a go, Beth!

  10. I love the look and I love your weekend! It looks like you had a blast! I Love the way Megan's house looks in the pics that she has posted. I am so jelly of all of you ladies having a good time!

  11. You look so so so cute! And I love those loafers! :) I wish I could have made it on Saturday night. I was just too tired from this whole summer :(

  12. You heating up and we are cooling off. We had a tremendous storm on Saturday. Did you see my IG photo of hail all over our lawn? I am loving that you are wearing so many skirts while expecting. That little onsie is really funny. How nice of those guys.

  13. :) So sad I missed it! Sounds like you had so much fun!!! :) And, of course, I love that onesie!

  14. Diaper monkey! Awww! That's so cute!

  15. That sounds so fun!! You have way more courage than I do...I think I've been talked into karaoke all of 2 times ever and yes, liquid courage was involved. :) And of course I love this outfit. Looks so comfortable and the print on your shoes looks like it goes great with the rest of your outfit!

    Jess - J's Style

  16. Hee! Diaper Monkey!
    It's bloody friggin' hot here too. Just left our real estate agent's office, delaying our departure until we figured that it would be cool out. Nope!

  17. I find it hard to sing pop also! Love your waistcoat. Nicer than Selena's x

  18. That sounded a great night out! And I agree with Kezzie, your waistcoat is nicer than Selena's. She'll be on the phone asking for it, no doubt!

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