Monday, February 3, 2014

Oliver - Two Months Old

Well lookie at that, another month has gone by!  My sweet boy is two months old today - and I am back to work - but we won't talk about that, we'll talk about how far my baby has come in another month instead!

Weight - 12 lbs, 11 oz
Length - 23 1/2 inches

Nicknames - Buddy, Buddy Boy, Ollie, Ollie-Monster, Little Man, Bubba, Monkey, Baby Boo, Sir, Mister

Sleep - He has slept for five hour stretches a couple of times which is technically "Through the night".  It hasn't happened consistently yet, but I believe we're getting close.  Otherwise we usually get a four hour chunk right at bed time followed by 2-3 after that.  He takes about three naps a day - mostly in his swing.  He's not crazy about laying in his bed for naptime, hoping "Grandma Daycare" can work on that.

Eating - Still nursing like a champ.  Eats about every two hours during the day.

Diapers - Still in size one, but we're looking at moving up to size two very soon.

Clothes - Fortunately this hasn't changed much - he's still fitting the size three month clothes.

Mood - He has his cranky time from about 6pm to 8pm when we get him ready for bed or sometimes he refuses to burp and gets a little unhappy as he is uncomfortable.  Otherwise he's pretty happy still, he is starting to smile more and he talks a whole bunch.

Loves - Car rides, stroller rides, sleeping in his swing, playing with his piano floor mat, watching the ceiling fan in mommy and daddy's bedroom, looking at lights in any part of the house, bath time

Dislikes - Still hates the process of getting bundled up for the car ride, doesn't like wet diapers (I hear he'll potty train easier), hates being changed and doesn't like being too cold (then again, who does?)

What I want to remember/milestones - His first smiles and coos, the first time he smiled at daddy and how happy it made him, the many times he would fall asleep on my chest, our first playdates with his friend Benny and his future girlfriend Eloise, when he actually started interacting with his toys more.

It's very tough to be back at work - but he's in super good hands with my mom at her house and if you've been a reader for awhile you may recall my parents live about five minutes from my work - so I will be able to take lunch hour to go see him very easily, that helps so much!  It is nice to actually "get dressed" for work again - and outfit posts will be happening again soon!  Stay tuned!


  1. Happy 2nd month birthday Ollie!! I can't believe how big he's getting! Lots of great milestones to remember! Love you!!

  2. Super sweet post about a super sweet little boy! Happy two month birthday Oliver!

  3. Awww... what a nice post. And a handsome boy.

  4. welcome back to much as you want to be home. it will make it all the better when you see him at night!!! he's so adorable, seriously! and it's been a while, but i seem to remember my kids were always grumpy around that time, too.

  5. such a handsome man! Lucky your parents are close and you can go see him if you need to!

  6. Ugh, such personality in the little picture! And don't rush back onto outfits and daily postings... spend as much time with the little bug as you can when you get home!

  7. i hope your transition back to work has been smooth this week, beth!

    literate & stylish

  8. So adorable!! I hope your first day back to work wasn't too rough...that is really nice that your mom's house is only 5 minutes away from your office!

    Jess - J's Style

  9. Aw!!! Happy two month birthday Oliver! He is so adorable! What a sweet time! Isn't that 4-5 hour stretch of sleep magical when it happens? That I am not looking forward to. How cool to have a blog that you can use to document all the great milestones like this. I wish this was around (or that I knew about it) when my kids were little. At least I can do it with this new little one!


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