Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mom and Baby essentials for the first month

My sweet friend Maca gave me a really great idea for a blog post - she's throwing a baby shower and wanted to know what were some of the essential things for both myself and baby for the first days home. I'm happy to share!  Here are some of the things I couldn't live without.  If you're a mom, feel free to chime in in the comments with your thoughts as well!

1. My Brest Friend pillow - it's a nursing pillow that is different from a standard Boppy - it has a belt so you can attach it to yourself - which means if you have to get up and move while nursing baby, you can do so a little more easily.  It also has a bit more support all the way around.  I am not using it much now that Oliver is bigger, but those first few weeks I couldn't imagine not having it. I think it would also provide good support for mama if she is formula feeding too.  It's just a great back and arm support to help hold baby. It also has a pocket on the side which was useful for item number two.

2. Lanolin - I've already talked at length about nursing on the blog here so you're probably thinking I can't talk about anything else these days - but if you are a nursing mama, you're going to want your lanolin cream.  Saved my precious tatas more than I can say.  Apply generously.  I used the Lanisoh brand, but apparently there is one called Mother's Love that is really good too.

3. Halo sleep sacks - we still use these now, Oliver doesn't sleep at night unless he's swaddled, but in the first days home we swaddled more or less all the time and the sleep sacks make swaddling way easier.  The Pants Monkey is great at swaddling with a blanket, but I'm all thumbs with it.  The hospital sent us home with a sleep sack but we bought a couple and got a couple at showers as well.  And like I said, two months in we still can't live without it at night.

4. Some sort of basket/caddy for diaper changes - we would load up this basket I have from Thirty-One with diapers and wipes to take from room to room with us.  Much faster and easier than going all the way to his room for changes.

5. Nursing camis - again, for the nursing mama, camisoles that are meant for nursing - they'll fit better as your breasts adjust to milk supply than a nursing bra will in the beginning.  They'll be comfier too and you can sleep in them if needed.

6. Gift cards for take out - it helps so much to not have to cook much those first few weeks.  Gift cards to places that either deliver or will allow dad to go pick up some food quickly is very helpful!

7. A pacifier - yes I am a breastfeeding mama but I am not anti-pacifier and you know what, I gave Oliver one before we even left the hospital.  I know there can be the risk of nipple confusion, but if nursing is going well it won't be a huge deal.  And there are times - especially like the first few car rides - where you're going to want something to soothe baby.  We love the Soothie brand that the hospital gives out, but we also love the MAM Air - that is the one Oliver uses the most right now.

8. Healthy easy to eat snacks for mom - again I think this only makes sense whether your nursing or bottle feeding - but especially if you're nursing - things like granola bars, raisins, small bags of pretzels or crackers - easy things to eat when you can't get off the couch or out of bed to eat because you are feeding your baby.

9. Some kind of baby carrier - we started using both our Ergo carrier and our Moby wrap with Oliver before he was even a month old. Sometimes it's the only way you'll get things done once you're up and about more.  The Pants Monkey prefers the Ergo while I tend to use the Moby.  They are both on the expensive side - I recently read there are directions online somewhere to make your own Moby for pretty cheap, so there is that alternative if you do some digging!

10. Socks - both for mom and baby!  Mom will want some nice comfy socks to have at the hospital, nothing feels better than your own warm socks after delivery. And we liked having socks for baby if he was wearing a onesie and pants instead of a sleeper.  Then again, we delivered in the middle of the first cold snap and blizzard of the year, so maybe that is why I found socks for both to be so nice.  For summer, you probably would feel differently!

11. Lotion and Chapstick for mom (and dad might even appreciate it too!) - it was SO dry at the hospital and it was just as dry after we got home too.  We were slathering on lotion and Chapstick like it was going out of style for easily the first couple of weeks.  It didn't help that we were washing our hands all the time after diaper changes too.  So lotion AND chapstick were lifesavers!

That's what I can think of!  As I said, feel free to chime in if you're a mama and can think of things I left off this list!


  1. these are all wonderful picks! thanks for sharing and giving me ideas for the baby shower :)

  2. my must have is a bouncy seat. that is the one thing i was always thankful for. when my friends have babies, i always send them home with a lasagna or some sort of're right, it's hard to cook with a baby on your arm!

  3. Oh the lanolin is a god-send! You are a great new mommie!

  4. What a great list! I am already addicted to chapstick and lotion, so I can only imagine! What a great idea with the carrying around a little pack of diapers and wipes too!


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