Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This past Friday Mr. Monkey and myself had our second date night since Oliver was born.  Our first was to his work holiday party and I forgot to take pictures of my outfit that day.  Our date this last Friday was more fun anyway - it was our annual trek to Winterfest - which is basically Craft Beer Lovers Christmas.  Almost 40 of our local breweries were on hand handing out 2 oz samples of their best stuff.  I took the opportunity to get a little dolled up!

We had a great time while my kind in-laws watched Oliver for us.  There were just so many kinds of beer, it was easy to get a little overwhelmed, but we have a good system - we each get a different one from each place and then share.  It works out pretty well!

Sweater - Swap
T-shirt - White House Black Market, from cousin
Skirt - Mossimo, Target
Leggings - Target
Boots - DSW
Purse - Rouge and Whimsy

My favorite beer of the night was a Vanilla Cold Press Porter from a brewery that is based in Duluth, Minnesota.  It was so good.  Also, I have to laugh at my pictures - there is a beer box behind me - appropriate I suppose - but also Oliver's swing....hmm, what does that say about me?


  1. Cute outift! Glad you had fun at Winterfest - where was that beer from in Duluth? I love the swing and the beer in the picture (a child brought up right....LOL!!!)

  2. Your heart sweater is perfect for upcoming Valentine's Day! Winterfest sounds like a lot of fun!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. it says you are a good mom because you 1. take care of your son, and 2. also take care of yourself!!! love the fun sweater, and that vanilla porter sounds delicious! i will have to tell chris about it as the darker the beer is, the more he enjoys it!

  4. Aw, the heart is cute for date night!

  5. That is such a cute outfit!! Love it!

  6. So happy to hear that you got to get out for a date night and do something that I know you and the Pants Monkey enjoy. You look great and so fabulous for just having a baby!!! This outfit is perfect for date night - it's cute, comfortable looking and I love the black and white mix. Very nice!

  7. What a fun event to go to! Glad you were able to get out.

  8. Aww, congrats on the night out. Even new Mums and Dads need a little time to themselves. Especially them! Your look is great for a night out.

  9. Way cute Bethie! I love the whole outfit with the polka dot purse. Great pattern mixing! Thanks for the encouraging words. Yes, I am so glad I will have a onco with a fun personality! ya. I so appreciate your friendship! ♥

  10. Woo hoo! I am glad you get time to yourself and time to spend with your husband alone, too. :D I really dig your outfit here! You are inspiring me to try neutrals with cool asymmetric stripes/patterns.


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