Monday, February 10, 2014


Ugh, this outfit is so boring!  But it's so cold again, I just went with what was easy and warm.  And this sweater is new to me, it was in my sister-in-law's donate pile, so I stole it.  It's comfy, warm, easy to nurse in, guess it's a keeper!

Sweater - Old Navy, from SIL
Pants - Alfani, Macy's (old)
Necklace - Swap
Boots - Target 

I am not going to say much more about the weather because it's seriously getting old - but I think with every passing year I'm becoming more and more of a warm weather lover than I used to be!  Bring on the hot - I won't even complain this summer!  Well....ok, at least not right away!

Oliver survived his shots, he was a pretty sleepy boy most of the day on Friday, but the rest of the weekend was back to his normal self, so I'd say we did pretty well!  Thankfully we have two more months before we have to do that again!


  1. You think your outfit is boring today? Sweats and a hoodie for me! I'll admit I'm a tadbit glad it's cold out -- day one of my vacation and I was very happy to hear what I don't need to go outside in! You made it outside so that's significantly more exciting than me!

  2. That cableknit sweater looks so cozy! I am so tired of the snow and cold here too. I am dreaming about moving to Florida at this point, haha.

    The Tiny Heart

  3. As someone who normally loves winter, even I have had enough. I love staying in and snuggling under covers, but when you need to go out, it is brutal out there! I like this outfit, I think the hoodie makes it fun :)

  4. i was just telling a coworker that i am honestly so over this weather. i am actually excited for it to be 26 this pathetic.

  5. Cozy warm sweaters are a must both for cold weather and nursing. You always look great in Green. =)


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